KT Radar Test & Measurement Suite

Simulation and Measurement Software

The KT Radar Test & Measurement Suite (KT-Radar T&M Suite) is an easy to use software suite for verification of automotive radar sensors. The KT-Radar T&M Suite is applicable to all stagesof the development cycle, from design to production, and enables test engineers to efficiently test custom scenarios required for the autonomous vehicle.

It offers the ideal software capabilities automotive radar sensor engineers are searchingfor to implement required test applications.

  • Easy to use
  • Configure, play and replay complex driving scenarios in the lab
  • Draw custom scenarios with graphical interface
  • Interface with third party simulation software
  • Customizable with software plug-ins
  • Implement RF Measurements
  • Simulate driving scenarios in the lab environment
  • Work in a controlled and reproducible test frame
  • Configure and vary object parameters (RCS, distance, velocity) during a scenario
  • Perform Sensor Fusion HIL test by synchronizing different test systems for wireless communications and sensors (radar, camera, lidar, etc.)
  • Use customized plug-ins to receive external object parameters through various interfaces (CAN, ethernet, LIN, etc.) for headless operation
Supported Measurements
  • Occupied Bandwidth
  • Antenna Pattern
  • Phase Noise, CW and Chirp
  • Linearity
  • EIRP
  • Additional measurements on request
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