LEON Gen III - Signal Switching

The LEON Gen III system is offered with multiple switching solutions, optimized for high speed in-circuit test applications. Depending on test requirements and form factor, Konrad Technologies offers switching matrices for PXI and ABex. Alternatively, the switch matrix PXI 2532B of National Instruments is supported.

86x4 Node Switching Matrix for ABex KT-TM-404

For massive parallel test applications each embedded PCB measurement module can be equipped with the ABex terminal module KT-TM-404, offering 86x4 or 43x8 channels on a single slot ABex terminal module.


128x4 Node Switching Matrix for PXI KT-PXI-502

PXI systems without the analog bus extension ABex can be implemented using the single slot switching matrix KT-PXI-502. This module offers 100x4 or 50x8 channels on the PXI module and a matrix extension of 28x4 or 14x8 additional channels on the connector block, for total 128x4 or 64x8 channels per PXI slot. The KT-PXI-502 switching card is optimized for high speed switching tasks, required for in-circuit test applications.


172x4 Node Switching Matrix for ABex KT-AM-301

The KT-AM-301 is a powerful and cost effective switching solution for high pincount systems offering a switching matrix with 172x4 or 86x8 channels on a single-slot ABex module. Multiple cards can be combined to a large switching matrix for connecting up to 2966 nodes with a single chassis test solution.

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