LEON Test System Software

Smart Architecture and Cost Effective Configurations

Using the KT ICT IDE, the test engineer gets all necessary tools and functions to develop, debug and perform in-circuit tests using the LEON Gen III systems. Part of the software is our topology editor for organizing the ICT hardware of the systems, including the PXI-501 measurement instruments and all switching boards for PXI and ABex systems.

The sequence editor is used to develop and execute the test programs in a very intuitive manner, offering syntax and error highlighting, auto completion and undo/redo.

Debugging functions include tools for speed optimization, search, breakpoints, break at fail and many others. Results are displayed in a table, zoomable graph and histogramm, including min/max/mean values and tolerance limits. Results are also presented in a HTML report.

Automated Program Generation (APG)

With larger projects users can improve efficiency by using the comprehensive design-to-test software suite KERCAM from CAM Consulting.

Using the KERFLEX module which is available as a stand-alone part of the KERCAM suite, users get import capabilities for many CAD data formats with BOM integration. Finally, these tools offer automated test program generation for many industry leading test equipment manufacturers, including the Konrad LEON test system.


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