A Unique Platform for all test challenges

The ABex (Analog Bus Extension for PXI) is an exceptional test platform that extends to accelerate productivity, development throughput and time to market. Applicable in various industries and technological field, this platform covers complex test challenges anywhere on the production line. Due to its flexible system architecture with an analog bus backplane and terminal modules, the platform allows the integration of technology specific extensions and extremely short system set up times which result in a reduction of total system costs.


  • Standard Platform with board technological applications
  • Less debugging (graphical switching)
  • Extension for PXI (100% PXI/PXIe compatible)
  • Analog bus expansion for PXI (4, 8, 14, 18 slots)
  • Signal Routing between PXI Instrumentation
  • Common Interface
  • 30 analog lines (10x differential + 10x shield)
  • Signal Level up to 100V
  • Power bus for supplying ABex modules
  • Easy signal switching via high level programming language
ADAS Virtual Test Drive