KT-PRS Paperless Repair Station

In modern production, measurement results are acquired and automatically stored in test systems. The obtained results from test equipment’s serve to identify product defects at an early stage and to assure the high quality standards of the manufacturing company. Depending on their value, faulty products are not necessarily destroyed, but can be repaired at separate workstations.

For this application Konrad Technologies has developed a standard product. KT-PRS (Paperless Repair Station) allows measurement results to be read automatically and to display faulty parts.

In effect, the measurement results for of the defective parts have to be filtered by entering the serial number and displayed to the operating personnel. The results obtained then serves the personnel on at the repair station as information for the repairs to be initiated.

Once repair is done there is the option of producing a repair report for documentation purposes. If the same part has to be repaired again later, the operator recognizes this automatically as there are reports from previous repairs.

The program is compatible with data in KT result file format. KT-PRS is multistate capable, i.e. it can be incorporated in several stations at the same time.

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