KT-Vision is a powerful software library that expands the NI TestStand test sequencer with many image processing functions and thus facilitates visual inspection of components and assemblies in electronic production.

The following pictures show the configuration of criteria for vision inspection of car radio fascia plates. All features are easily accessible via an interactive user input, without the need for the user to dive down in the program code.

KT-Vision is structured in the following functional groups:

  • Management of image variables (Image Management)
  • Acquisition of images with a camera (Image Acquisition) using diverse frame grabbers and interfaces. This means a large selection of different cameras can be supported.
  • Image preprocessing
  • Processing, transformation and conversion of images (Image Processing)
  • Evaluation and analysis of images (Image Analysis and Densitometry)
  • Measuring geometric parameters (Image Measurements)
  • Tools for pattern recognition and object evaluation (Pattern Matching)
  • Tools for viewing, loading and saving images (Image Tools)

All contemporary camera technologies are available for image acquisition, incl. IEEE-1394 (FireWire), CameraLink, GigE (Gigabit Ethernet), as well as other analog and digital techniques.

Most functions are arranged in test steps integrated in a sequence in NI TestStand. This way the test steps can be called up, configured and executed in the test plan with full functionality. The test steps can either be performed under NI TestStand or an operator interface. You have the choice between interactive or fully automatic operation. During the configuration phase the test steps are set up in interactive mode. A right mouse clicks on Config. (e.g. in the Operator Interface or in the context menu) allows the user to set all the parameters via in the immediate verification of user interface and the functions of this test step can be checked immediately. The functions previously set can be executed during the test procedure. The corresponding test step can be executed as often as required in the test plan with various settings.

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