Test Solutions for the
Semiconductor Industry

High Performance Signal Processing

We provide a complete range of semiconductor test solutions and services. Our hardware and software development engineers  create unique  efficient modular tester architectures that signnificantly help reduce your manufacturing costs. Our platform for the semiconductor test FINN is based on the same hardware and software platform as the other proven test systems from Konrad Technologies. It is therefore easy to cover requirements for various applications, such as Digital, Analog, Automotive, Mixed signal, SoC ( System on the Chip), RF and MEMS ( Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems).

The flexible architecture allows simple implementation of test solutions from classical pattern of digital tests to RF and analog tests and even protocol aware tests. With our variety of  turnkey solutions and application support, we provides a best approach for customers to drastically bring down their  cost while maintaining the test quality, efficiency and performance.

All About FINN  

Unique Value Propositions at konrad technologies

  • High Performance in a low-cost production system
  • Reduced time to Program and debug
  • Improved fault coverage
  • High parallel test capability
  • Speed up silicon debug
  • Reduce system level testing
  • Flexibility from engineering to production
  • Small footprint to save space in factory
  • Scalable protocol aware test system
  • Zero Footprint architecture
  • Docking to wafer prober and device handler
  • Automated test plan generation
  • Zero Footprint Test System for Design and Characterization


Test Solutions


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