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Vision Test Solutions

The process quality in electronic manufacturing can often be optimized by combining functional test with industrial image processing. For such applications we offer the right solutions.

Criteria not having effect of the electrical function of the DUT but nevertheless being critical for the product quality can be tested reproducibly and effectively with our systems.

Our image processing systems consist of industry-proven cameras, lenses, frame grabbers and lighting modules. The software modules for image processing are based on NI IMAQVision and the graphical development environment LabVIEW. Their integration and configuration requires no special image processing know-how by the user, as the software has convenient setup menus and the test sequence can be created with the help of universal test step modules.

Based on our image processing systems we can easily create solutions using multiple cameras and a virtually unlimited number of image frames per test run.

Unique Value Propositions at konrad technologies

Our applications implemented in the past include for example

  • Analysis of color and intensity of LED's
  • Evaluation of LED / LCD / DOT matrix and other displays regarding area, contour, contrast, background 
  • Verification of pointer angle, length and shape with car instrument clusters
  • Pattern recognition
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition), OCV (Optical Character Verification)
  • Color check at automotive plugs
  • Presence check, position and orientation check of electronical parts, e.g. electrolytic capacitors
  • Selective soldering inspection (SMT, TMT)
  • Soldering paste inspection
  • PCB alignment

Test Solutions

Assembly and Test System for Automotive Rear-View Cameras

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