Fine Pitch Contacting

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Fine Pitch Contacting

Evaluating the latest trends in miniaturization, Konrad Technologies has developed the high precision Fine-Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500 for high volume production test of extremely small structures and test pads up to 150 micrometers with 10-micron accuracy. This technology helps manufacturers of products with very small contact areas to handle and test these products reliably and at the same time increase throughput while reducing the overall test costs.


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The KT Fine Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500 is a state-of-the art solution for testing printed circuit boards and low temperature co-fired ceramic structures at high speed with high accuracy. This system is the answer for today ‘s challenges in test engineering:

  • Products become smaller and more complex
  • Many products have less test pads
  • Test pad size becomes smaller

Due to these tendencies, testing of such products becomes more difficult and classical spring-loaded test probes can‘t be used any more in production test in many cases. The Konrad Fine Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500 uses a patented architecture and combines rigid needle adapters with a vision inspection system and multi-axis motion control system for a process safe micro-alignment of the devices under test.


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