LHP and Konrad Technologies Collaborate to Optimize ADAS/ADS Functional Safety Test Management for the Automotive Industry

von Ram Mirwani

Konrad Technologies' high degree of reliability and accuracy reduces the need for expensive drive testing, delivering cost efficiencies to automobile manufacturers

COLUMBUS, IND. — May 25th 2021 — Konrad Technologies and LHP Engineering Solutions are collaborating to deliver a workflow management with test automation for ADAS and ADS functional safety standards to the automotive industry.


For the past 25 years, Konrad Technologies has been a global supplier of automated test equipment for the Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Aerospace/Defense markets. LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP) is a global engineering services provider and technology integrator within the transportation sector.


With the ongoing adoption of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving Systems (ADS) in the automotive industry, there is tremendous initiative to establish safety standards to support mass technology deployment. To ensure that these ADAS and ADS systems comply with safety standards, manufacturers need an efficient and cost-effective method for thoroughly testing and validating performance. LHP and Konrad Technologies are leveraging their experiences in functional safety and sensor test, respectively, to develop a cohesive testing and tracking workflow process for several ADAS/ADS safety standards like SOTIF and EuroNCAP.


“Konrad Technologies provides test automation tools for radar, camera, lidar, and ADAS overall. LHP provides state-of-the-art functional safety workflows and tools. Together, we enable accelerated testing of ADAS systems in a functional safety environment that meets the latest safety standards and certification, keeping the public safe and protecting companies from liability,” said Steve Neemeh, Chief Technology Officer, LHP. “The future of automotive is fully autonomous. As ADAS systems evolve and get more and more complex, their verification becomes exponentially more complex. Konrad Technologies and LHP will be there every step of the way with the best in verification and validation equipment and process management tools.”


"Pairing LHP’s functional safety experience with Konrad Technologies’ expertise in ADAS tests with a traceable workflow management process connected to an open test platform, creates an effective joint design and test effort for the ADAS/ADS development process with traceability for functional safety standard requirements," said Ram Mirwani, Director of Global Business Development at Konrad Technologies. “The open test platforms enable connectivity to multiple third-party test tools for customized test plans according to any ADAS functional safety standard.”


The unique solution provided by the partnership between Konrad and LHP offers a significant improvement in cost savings, faster time to market, and the standardization of the process for complying with functional safety regulations and requirements. Together, both LHP and Konrad are committed to providing the complete automation of the ADAS testing environment in a manner that accounts for every standard. To learn more about LHP or Konrad visit – www.LHPES.com or https://www.konrad-technologies.com/en/.

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Since 1993, Konrad Technologies has successfully designed, developed and integrated customer-specific test solutions worldwide for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, medical electronics and industrial manufacturing.  Konrad Technologies is a founding member of ADAS iiT - Innovation in Test, a consortium that provides a complete ecosystem of technologies and test solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving Systems (ADS).   Konrad Technologies is an NI Platinum Alliance Partner for RF & Wireless Specialty and Vehicle Radar Test System Specialty.

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