Microwave Vision Group, Konrad Technologies, and NI Release Small Footprint CATR Radar Test System for Next Generation HD Radars

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Konrad Technologies' high degree of reliability and accuracy reduces the need for expensive drive testing, delivering cost efficiencies to automobile manufacturers

As Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) rapidly move towards Level 5 Automated Driving Systems (ADS) capabilities, automotive radar sensor technology and its corresponding testing technologies continue their evolution. Radar sensors progress beyond multi-mode capabilities to include high definition, MIMO, and wide aperture radars with longer ranges, higher resolution, and longer far-field distances. Made to locate and estimate the speed and direction of objects in sight and non-line-of-sight (NLOS), anti-collision radar subsystems are key components in safety-critical applications, providing a reliable and accurate perception of the environment surrounding the vehicle. The wider apertures and longer far field distances pose new challenges for existing validation and production tests of the sensors and require next generation test capabilities. Microwave Vision Group (MVG), Konrad Technologies (KT), and NI (formerly National Instruments) are excited to announce the release of the MVG Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) integrated with the KT Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS) built on the NI test platform.  

The MVG KT CATR RTS is a fully integrated solution for validation and production test applications. This integrated solution efficiently performs accurate radio frequency measurements for automotive radar sensors in the quiet zone of an accessible and portable CATR system that has already proven its worth for high frequency antenna measurements. KT VRTS instrumentation is installed under the anechoic chamber with an extension adjacent to the feed, allowing an optimal dynamic range. With an easily accessible positioner developed to accommodate radar sensors, MVG state-of-the-art reflector technology, and the KT Radar Test System, the MVG KT CATR RTS is the ideal solution for seamless development and production efforts of long-range, high-resolution radar sensors through indirect far-field measurements.

The MVG CATR with KT VRTS offers full radar test capabilities with a small footprint of about 1m in length. This dramatically reduces floor space on the production floor and, ultimately, the overall cost of tests for radar sensors with long far-field distances. “We are very excited to bring the full KT VRTS radar test capability for scenario-based and RF measurement-based tests into a high-throughput, production-ready CATR application for wide aperture radar sensors, “said Mr. Michael Konrad, CEO for Konrad Technologies.  “Especially since we are seeing a huge growth in adoption for these sensors in ADAS and ADS applications.”   

Pursuing its commitment to deliver innovative and time-saving RF measurement solutions for product research and development, MVG is glad to offer its expertise and vision in support of the advancement of the autonomous car and road safety. The MVG CATR technology is the result of many years of experience in the design and development of innovative antenna measurement solutions. It is part of our Little Big Lab offer. It reflects MVG's expertise in building compact systems that allow for cost effective and accurate measurements in a controlled environment. "We are particularly pleased to combine the technology of our CATR systems with KT's Radar Test Systems and NI technology in order to provide the automotive industry with a solution perfectly suited for the testing of high definition and long-range radar sensors that meets the testing challenges of Automated Driving Assistance Systems evolution”, said Gianni Barone, MVG Sales Director.

“NI is proud to provide the radar test instrumentation that Konrad Technologies and MVG need to accelerate innovation for modern ADAS, and bring us one step closer to Vision Zero,’ said Christian Gindorf, Electronics Production Test BDM Lead, Transportation BU. “NI’s OTA radar test solutions meet the reliability, accuracy, and repeatability requirements to build open systems that adapt to rapidly changing requirements and help radar manufacturers get to market faster.”

As we continue with initial product deliveries for this newly released CATR with KT VRTS test technology, we anticipate adding more test capabilities driven by customer needs.

MVG, KT and NI are pleased with the results of this joint effort providing the automotive industry with a turn-key solution that will accelerate the development of radar sensor technology and the progress of ADAS.

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At NI, we bring together the people, ideas and technology so forward thinkers and creative problem solvers can take on humanity’s biggest challenges. From data and automation to research and validation, we provide the tailored, software-connected systems engineers and enterprises need to Engineer Ambitiously™ every day.

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Since 1993, Konrad Technologies has successfully designed, developed and integrated customer-specific test solutions worldwide. Konrad Technologies has engineering experience throughout a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, medical electronics and industrial manufacturing. Konrad Technologies is a founding member of ADAS iiT - Innovation in Test, a consortium that provides a complete ecosystem of technologies and test solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous vehicles.  Konrad Technologies is a N Platinum Alliance Partner, RF & Wireless Specialty Alliance Partner and Vehicle Radar Test System Specialty Alliance Partner. Konrad-Technologies, KT and Konrad GmbH are all representative of Konrad Technologies worldwide. For more information, please visit www.konrad-technologies.com.

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Since its creation in 1986, The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has developed a unique expertise in the visualization of electromagnetic waves. These waves are at the heart of our daily lives: Smartphones, computers, tablets, cars, trains, and planes – none of these devices and vehicles would work without them. Year after year, the Group develops and markets systems that allow for the visualization of these waves, while evaluating the characteristics of antennas, and helping speed up the development of products using microwave frequencies. The Group's mission is to extend this unique technology to all sectors where it will bring strong added value. MVG is structured around 3 departments: AMS (Antenna Measurement Systems), EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility), EIC (Environmental & Industrial Control). MVG is present in 10 countries and generates 90% of sales from exports. The Group generated revenues of € 98,7 million in 2020.


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