Awards and recognitions

NI Engineering Impact Award

Konrad Technologies was recognized as the most innovative ADAS Radar test solution provider for autonomous driving at the VIP 2017 2016 event by National Instruments. The award was given based on KT’s exceptional work with AUDI. Based on the National Instruments PXIe-5840 second-generation Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) and NI LabVIEW, an active radar-simulator, Konrad Technologies developed an editor, which allows the user to generate complex scenarios that can be automatically replayed. This editor gives testers the ability to simulate complex automotive scenarios without ever needing to go outside.

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National Instruments Alliance Partner of the Year 2016

As part of the 17th Alliance Day in Munich, Konrad GmbH received the "Alliance Partner of the Year 2016 Award" in the category Platinum & Gold Alliance Partner of National Instruments.

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ADAS Virtual Test Drive
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