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Konrad Technologies Receives National Instruments RF and Wireless Specialty Alliance Partner Designation

Konrad Technologies Proves Technical Expertise with ADAS Test and Wireless Test Systems


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  • Konrad Technologies and National Instruments
  • Named NI RF and Wireless Specialty Alliance Partner
  • Konrad Technologies ADAS test solutions and wireless communications test system

RADOLFZELL, Germany – August 7, 2017– Konrad Technologies has been named an NI RF and Wireless Specialty Alliance Partner. The company received this designation for its specialized skills in RF and wireless test capabilities, demonstrated by their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) radar test solutions and RF communications test capabilities.

Testing for Autonomous Vehicles and the IoT

Konrad Technologies demonstrates extensive RF test knowledge through a variety of test applications. By combining Konrad software with NI hardware and NI LabVIEW software, Konrad Technologies continues to deliver innovative test solutions for fully to semi-autonomous vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless communications test.

ADAS Test Capabilities

Konrad’s ADAS solution for testing the autonomous vehicle can efficiently test sensors in real time with one scalable system. For example, the RF software for radar sensor test, developed by Konrad Technologies, leverages NI mmWave products for ADAS test. Verification of hardware and software for new radar sensors is performed with RF measurements and target generation. The sensors are tested through a variety of automotive driving scenes in a simulated environment. This ADAS test technology aids users by giving them the ability to simulate complex automotive scenarios from the lab, eliminating the disadvantages of real-world test drives. Users are able to quickly and efficiently cover test requirements for a safe autonomous vehicle and speed time to market.

Sensor fusion testing by Konrad Technologies, offers a unique approach for testing multiple automotive sensors. The scalable solution joins sensor fusion with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) to create an innovative automated test system for the automotive industry.

Full Range of ADAS Expertise

Even greater confidence in ADAS test is possible with the ADAS iiT partnership. ADAS iiT offers HIL, V2V, V2X, GNSS, big data management, radar, camera and lidar sensor testing based on NI platforms.


Wireless Test System and Manufacturing Test of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Industry 4.0 demands automation and Konrad Technologies continues to respond. As industry and home automation test demands increase, Konrad Technologies will continue to offer RF and wireless test solutions that adapt and expand with user needs. Konrad Technologies proves RF expertise in wireless test for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE. This is demonstrated with Konrad’s RFCT 2400A, an all-in-one low-cost system offering signaling and non-signaling connections, based on NI software defined radios, making it ideal for IoT companies. The calibrated wireless test system is fully controllable with LabVIEW and the API can be used together with most of NI’s versatile software packages, such as the Bluetooth Analysis and Generation Toolkit, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Toolkit and many others. 

“We have found the ideal price to performance solution with Konrad Technologies (RFCT 2400A), allowing the right range of capabilities essential for meeting our requirements! This platform allows us to develop in a shorter time, for we can quickly and easily change our software test steps/sequences and integrate our hardware later in production. The system’s software, created using LabVIEW, combined with the software defined radio based hardware are optimal for quickly adapting to our growing test needs. All around we are very pleased with the expertise provided by Konrad Technologies in RF and wireless test solutions.”

-Customer, Leading E-mobility Company.

Konrad Technologies is honored to be selected as a RF and Wireless Specialty Alliance Partner. There is great excitement for the future shared between Konrad Technologies and NI.

The expertise of our RF and Wireless Specialty Alliance Partners is key to NI’s strategy for ensuring customer success,” stated Tony Vento, NI Vice President of Partners. “Konrad’s knowledge in testing autonomous vehicles and outstanding track record delivering test solutions in general enables our customers to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and consumer expectations.”


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Konrad Technologies is a technological leader in automated testing of electronic components. Our core business area is the development, design and integration of customer-specific test solutions providing customers with R&D, qualification and manufacturing of electronic products with tools to fulfill their quality goals. We excel in the development of innovative test solutions that consolidate product concept, design, electronic development and construction, manufacturing, maintenance services and the implementation of complex projects in the test field. Depending on customer requirements, our products range from individual system modules to fully automated, turnkey systems. We know how critical it is for our customers to be efficient and effective in order to stay ahead of competition. As your partner, it is our highest priority to leverage innovative tests solutions and technologies that guarantee higher product quality, faster time to market and greater value.

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