VI-grade and Konrad Technologies announce collaboration for new test method “DiL with Sensor Fusion Test” for Verifying ADAS/Autonomous Driving Features before Drive Tests

by Carrie Anne Eyerly

Bridging theirrespective expertise and experiences in simulation and test, VI-grade and KonradTechnologies will jointlydemonstrate the new test method for verifying functional and performance of ADAS andAutonomous Driving featuresat the Automotive Testing Expo USA 2019 Conference and Exhibition

Novi, US – October 16, 2019 – VI-grade and Konrad Technologies today jointly announced theywilldemonstrate a new testmethod, Driver in the Loop (DIL) with Sensor Fusion Test, at the Automotive TestingExpo USA 2019 Conferenceand Exhibition, to be held from October 22nd to October 24th, 2019 in Novi,Michigan.

4 years ago, Konrad Technologiesand our partners pioneered Sensor Fusion HiL and demonstrated how sensor testcombines with HiL tests tovalidate performance of multi sensor configurations with ADAS algorithms” said MichaelKonrad, CEO of KonradTechnologies. “Radar, Camera, and Lidar sensors can be tested at sub-system and system levelimplementations toverify ADAS capability for automated braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning andothers. Today,together with the VI-grade team, we will show how the sensor test can be extended to DiL with SensorFusion Testso that ADAS functionality can be evaluated and optimized to a higher degree in the lab before beginningroadtests.

Our Driving Simulators allowusers to simulate real-world driving conditions including traffic,” said Guido Bairati,VP of Sales andMarketing, VI-grade. “Adding real sensors into the driving simulation loop allows ADAS/ADfunctionalities to betested quickly and safely in a lab environment and adds driver reactions to the testparameters, for a morecomprehensive analysis that can then be compared with real drive data for optimization cycles.Through thecollaboration with Konrad Technologies, we are able to deliver to the automotive industry a linkbetweenphysical test and simulation-based testing for ADAS/AD algorithms. We keep bridging the gap between testingandsimulation in order to help our customers deliver better products in a shorter time!

For DIL withSensor Fusion Test, the objects around the vehicle from the drive simulation software are simulated byKonradTechnologies sensor simulators in real-time. And the output of the sensors is then brought back intothesoftware simulation to close the execution loop.

The collaboration will bepresented on a COMPACT Simulator from VI-grade equipped with sensor technology from Konradinstalled in theexhibition area at the Automotive Testing Expo USA 2019 Conference and Exhibition, to be held fromOctober 22ndto October 24th, 2019 in Novi, Michigan.

About Konrad Technologies Worldwide

KonradTechnologies (KT) is a global company and NI Platinum Alliance Partner that offers customized turnkeytestsolutions in the areas of electronics manufacturing, high-frequency technology, optics and beyond. Since1993,Konrad Technologies has successfully developed, designed and integrated customer-specific testsolutionsproviding customers with R&D, qualification, and manufacturing of electronic products with tools tofulfilltheir quality goals, accelerate engineering and development throughput. Customers in a wide range ofindustriesfrom Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Wireless Communications, Consumer Electronics, Medical,Semiconductor,General Electronic Manufacturing to Industrial Automation use KT’s integrated hardware andsoftwareplatform-based solutions to improve their performance worldwide. Konrad Technologies is a founding memberofADAS iiT, a consortium that provides a complete test solution for autonomous driving.

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About VI-grade

VI-grade is theleading provider of best-in-class software products and services for advanced applications in thefield ofsystem-level simulation. Along with a network of selected partners, VI-grade also provides revolutionaryturnkeysolutions for static and dynamic driving simulation.

Established in 2005, VI-gradedelivers innovative solutions for streamlining the development process from concept tosign-off in thetransportation industry, and there mainly in the

automotive,aerospace, motorcycle, motorsports and railway sectors. With its office locations in Germany,Switzerland,Italy, UK, Japan, China, and the USA and a worldwide channel network of more than 20 trusted partners,VI-gradeis a dynamic and growing company with a highly skilled technical team.

Since September 2018, VI-grade hasbeen part of Spectris. Spectris is an FTSE 250 listed global conglomerate with 2017sales of over $2B and 9,800employees. The firm conducts business in four major segments - materials analysis,testing & measurement,in-line instrumentation and industrial controls - and serves a broad range of industriesranging from automotiveand aerospace to electronics, energy, mining and pharmaceuticals.

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DIL with Sensor Fusion Test

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