Konrad Technologies Releases Energy Efficient Thermal Test Systems

by Carrie Anne Eyerly

Konrad Technologies Releases Energy Efficient Thermal Test Systems

Konrad Technologies (KT) announces Advanced Thermal Test Systems that take economic efficiency to the next level. The systems allow for temperature control of all types of units (PCB to devices), in production and development.

Thermal energy is brought directly to the Device Under Test (DUT) through KT’s patented process that quickly tempers the DUT without affecting the environment.

As a result, energy costs are drastically reduced and overall system performance increased.

In the same chamber, temperatures from -100°C to +225°C can be controlled and directed to the DUT. The type of temperature control is freely selectable and allows maximum degrees of freedom with no defrosting/icing requirements. Temperature control can be carried out with air systems, media systems or electrical sources and continuously monitored via temperature sensors. The chamber wall has a maximum thickness of 5cm; if the temperature inside the chamber is -40°C, the temperature on the outside wall will not fall below +23.5°C. Furthermore, for a short temperature change processes, a wall thickness of maximum 25mm is sufficient. Due to this property, additional space is saved.

The technology ranges from transport system product carriers for thermal applications to In-Circuit Test (ICT) adapters in production test.

The technology extends to test applications in automotive sensor test. The system enables the test of radar sensor functionality while varying the ambient temperature of the device from -40°C to +85°C. The material used for thermal isolation is transparent to the radar signal and thus minimizes the interference common in other test setups. In addition, the combination of lightweight construction/carbon on moving arms achieves high test speeds with a small footprint.

Jochen Frech, Business Development Manager, Temperature Test of Konrad Technologies, said:

Konrad Technologies is a global market leader in customer-specific test solutions and will continue investing in new technologies to provide customers with the best test systems for Highly Accelerated Life & Stress Test and testing under temperature.



Figure 1: Multi-Angle Thermal Test System by Konrad Technologies


Konrad Technologies is presenting the system at the productronica in Munich, Germany from November 12-15th. The system is up for a productronica Innovation Award in the Future Markets sector.

Konrad Technologies is the provider of value added, platform based automated test solutions used to solve the world´s most complex engineering challenges.

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