Analog Bus Modules

KT-AM-300 ABex System Controller

In each ABex system one KT-AM-300 system controller must be used. This module controls the ABex control bus, which is used to control the terminal modules, organizes switching on the Konrad relay and matrix boards.  Additionally the Module offers versatile communication and monitoring capabilities and includes analog and digital I/O channels.


KT-AM-301 Switching Matrix 172x4

With the switching matrix KT-AM-301 Konrad Technologies offers a versatile and powerful switching solution for the functional test and in-circuit test.



KT-AM-305 HV-Matrix

The KT-AM-305 is a 12x4 channel high voltage switching matrix module for the Konrad ABex
System. High Voltage Matrix 1000V/1A 12 Channel 4 Rows.


KT-AM-306 Relay card 100 110V/2A

The ABex AM-306 is a performance relay card for signal interconnection up to 110V / 2A. The relay board has 100 channels divided into 88 single channels and 3 blocks with 4 channels each which are switched to a common root (multiplexer). The ABex AM-306 is designed as a pin compatible replacement for the AM-302 as well as the AM-303.

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