Manual Test Adapter

We integrate classical manual test adapter for our test solutions eithar as single-stage, or as dual-stage adapter.

Single-stage adapters are used when only a functional test, or an in-circuit test is performed with a combination of both technologies dual-stage adapters are preferably implemented.

Both variants can be supplied in a purely mechanical or pneumatic version as well as a vacuum adapter.


  • Adapter system with mechanical or pneumatical lifting mechanism
  • Cassette exchange system
  • Support for marking systems
  • Integration of reading devoces for barcode and 2D codes (data matrix)
  • Space for integration of additional electronic circuits
  • Convenient maintenance and debugging (hinged)
  • Standardized and modular design
  • To be used as single adapter or tandem adapter
  • various interfaces supported:
    • Konrad ABex
    • Virginia Panel
    • Genrad / Pylon

Field of Applications

Quite often a combined test has to be carried out, e.g. in-circuit and functional test, optinally also with Boundary Scan test and followed by an in-systemprogramming of the DUT.

In such a case, please look at our tandem adapter or dual-stage adapter.

  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional Test
  • Boundary Scan Test
  • In-System Programming
  • EOL-Test
  • LED-Test
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