Automated Program Generation KERCAM

Diverse challenges are arising, especially in the generation of test applications for in-circuit testing. These include various design aspects, such as the assembly of components if a board is to be tested in an in-line process, the size of the board itself, the size and position of the test points, through to the presence of test points. This goes hand in hand with the actual testability of the respective component.

Then there is the multitude of different design programs for board development, so that a test system producer always has to process different DAC data formats.

With larger projects users can improve efficiency by using the comprehensive design-for-test software suites KERCAM from CAM Consulting. These software packages can be provided by Konrad Technologies and deliver import capabilities for many CAD data formats, BOM integration and fixture design assistance. Finally, these tools offer automated test program generation for the industry leading test equipment manufacturers, including the Konrad LEON test system.

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