Test automation framework KT-DEMA (Konrad Technologies Device Manager) facilitates interactive operation of stand-alone and modular instrumentation organized in an NI TestStand test sequence.

The advantage here is that the entire test procedure is possible without restrictions, while all individual hardware components, such as multimeters, switching matrices, oscilloscope, etc., can operate manually without having to set up a dedicated user interface. This approach is particularly favorable for assembly verification if it is necessary for the test engineer to have a wide range of manual intervention options.

The test automation framework KT-DEMA comprises plug-ins for every pre-defined device class, with a unified test configuration GUI and sub-plug-ins for measurement/communication device types.


Supported are stand-alone instruments (by NI, Keysight/Agilent, Yokogawa, Chroma, etc.) or modular PXI/PCI-hardware (by NI, Konrad, Chroma, AIM, etc.) of a variety of classes: 

  • DC/AC power supplies,
  • scopes,
  • signal generators,
  • DMM,
  • switch modules,
  • source & power meters,
  • ohmmeters,
  • e-loads,
  • ARINC-429,
  • MIL-STD-1553,
  • boundary scan, etc.


KT-DEMA Feature Matrix


ADAS Virtual Test Drive