The test sequencer is one of the most important software components in an automated test system in order to perform the individual test steps in an intended order. Konrad Technologies uses TestStand, a ready-to-run test management environment from National Instruments to organize these sequences. However, operating the sequence editor contained in the software is too complex for the personnel in the production environment. The KT-operator interface was developed and tailored to these special needs and therefore ensures reliable execution of the test systems.

The user interface can be used in

  • Production and hand-work places
  • On-line production facilities
  • Repair stations

The most important features of the KT-operator interface are

  • Password administration with different levels of hierarchy
  • User-guidance with simple user dialogs
  • Convenient editing of limit values
  • Display of the test results for the individual tests, incl. measurement value, limit, comments
  • Display of the previously carried out tests with PASS/FAIL, total number
  • Support for several test stations in parallel
  • Manual start of testing for each station
  • Single step operation possible
  • Maintenance counter with number of UUT/DUTs tested 

Adaptation of the desktop of KT-operator interface is possible, as is the option of switching between languages.

ADAS Virtual Test Drive