KT project includes a collection of test step libraries to implement measurement functionalities and control functions within their test sequences, which are performed by the NI TestStand test sequencer. All test steps can be configured and executed interactively without the operator of the test sequences needing detailed programming knowledge.

Examples of the test steps supported:

  • instrument control (power supplies, generators, etc.)
  • communication of the tester with machine controllers (PLC, etc.) 
  • communication with the test adapter and UUT/DUT
  • diverse measurement functions (e.g. DMM, scope, multifunctional cards)
  • ICT measurements (R, L, C, diode, transistor, short, cont, ...)
  • AOI functions (presence checking, LED testing, polarity testing, solder joint inspection, etc.)  
  • analysis functions (acoustic, statistical, graphic evaluation, …)
  • interfaces to databases
  • integration of ERP systems (e.g. SAP R/3) 
  • control of peripheral devices (e.g. bar code readers, scanner, etc.)

All the I/O hardware resources in a test system are managed from topology files, which can be processed by the operator without any programming knowledge. This ensures that all hardware devices are available in a system-overlapping manner. KT Project works hand in hand with the product KT-OP in which system parameters, limits, variant handling, manual setting and more can be carried out conveniently. Parameter sets can be exported and imported in order to test a large number of DUTs. This makes it possible to handle variants.

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