The standard of assessing the machines and production facilities used in production areas by means of proof of suitability or qualification has prevailed within the last years. There are not only requirements in the DIN-ISO standards for this purpose, but also guidelines from industry associations and company standards. In modern production, measurement results are acquired and automatically stored in the final test equipment.

A tool is required to compress and display the data produced to assess the various process statuses and for deciding on the appropriate measures. With KT-STAT, the accumulated measurement results can be read in KT result format and displayed. Furthermore, a number of algorithms for statistical process analysis are available.

In the meantime, the program represents a standard for the intended application area of graphic and statistical process analysis for Konrad Technologies test systems. So we offer a full-service for all problems in quality management for use with our test systems.

KT-STAT offers the following main features:

  • Results file view, incl. measurement data, limit values and comments
  • Filter options by date/time, serial numbers, Pass/Fail
  • Extensive options for searching in results files
  • Calculation of statistical parameters
  • Display of results graphs and histograms with zoom option

Calculation of capability indices:

  • Machine capability or short-term capacity (Cm, Cmk)
  • Temporary process capability (Pp, Ppk)
  • Long-term process capability (Cp, Cpk)
  • Measuring equipment capability (Cg, Cgk)
  • Minimum capability requirement up to 6 sigma.

The results reports can either be created as text or Excel files. The Excel report is structured in several sheets (Summary, Bad Results, Warnings, Individual Results). The individual results are output both numerically, as well as graphically. This includes the relevant hyperlinks for easier viewing of the report. The following settings can be undertaken to generate an evaluation report:

  • Capability settings
  • Report settings
  • Report path
  • Additional Info

KT-STAT requires results files in a defined format – the KT results file format. KT results files are ASCII files of a certain format. In all delivered Konrad Technologies test systems, a results file of each test run is automatically written to the test system’s hard disk or, in the case of a network connection, to a LAN destination. The directory path to which this results file is saved is freely configurable.

KT-STAT can also be used in combination with test systems from other manufacturers. The data structure required for this purpose is disclosed and is described in the software manual.

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