Test Systems

Tailored Assembly, Inspection and Test Solutions For Your Quality Assurance!

The ability to excel in product conceptualization, R&D of new technologies, engineering support, system prototyping, system production, RF test system integration, custom user interface, software and hardware development, high volume and full functionality testing, absolutely sets us apart in the test system development Industry.



The LEON Gen III Embedded PCB Tester combines classical analog in-circuit test or manufacturing defect analysis with additional functional test capabilities on a single PXI board and offers options for boundary scan test and in-system programming for maximum test coverage.



The PAUL series testers are developed as system testers for aerospace and defense testing applicatons. The testers are optimized for the requirements in this industry regarding their instrumentation, specific aerospace protocols, software tools and physical interfaces such as break out panels.



The FINN series of semiconductor test systems represents the latest generation of testers in the market for mixed-signal and protocol aware test. It consequently follows the "Zero Footprint" design and is based on standard technologies including PXI, FPGA based reconfigurable instruments, a cableless load board interface and integration capabilites of standard device handlers.



The Konrad Fine-Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500 is a state-of-the art solution for testing printed circuit boards and low temperature co-fired ceramic structures at high speed with high accuracy.



The FlexCell NT is a high efficient test handler with directly integrated test system to be fused into fully automated electronic assembly processes. The integrated test system offers cableless contacting from the test probe to the instrument, ensuring zero-failure operation over long production period.

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