Fine-Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500

Efficient test solutions for smaller centerline or pitch spacing, lower profile heights and lighter interconnect solutions.

The Konrad Fine-Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500 is a state-of-the art solution for testing printed circuit boards and low temperature co-fired ceramic structures at high speed with high accuracy. This system is the answer for today‘s challenges in test engineering. It combines rigid needle adapters with a vision inspection system and multi-axis motion control system for a process safe micro-alignment of the devices under test.


  • Vision Guided Needle Alignment
  • Flexible and modular test platform
  • Automated parallel testing
  • 500 Test Points
  • Upper and Lower Multi Level Contact
  • Minimum Test Pad Size 150 μm
  • 10μm Accuracy, 1μm Resolution
  • Process safe contacting of tiny test pads
  • Usable on PCBs and LTCC structures
  • Usable with Flex PCBs
  • Contacting of mini connectors


  • PCB Panel Test
  • Functional Test
  • In-Circuit Test
  • In-System Programming
  • Stand-alone or inline use

Technical Data

  • Minimal Test Pad Size: 150 μm
  • Fine Pitch minimal: 200 μm
  • Contacting repeatability: < 10 μm
  • Theoretical resolution positioning system: < 1 μm
  • number of contacting probes: 300 per side
  • PCB size: 220mm x 300mm
  • Automated PCB Insertion


Alignment System

  • Realtime motion control system with three axis
  • X-Y-φ positioning
  • Programmable trajectories
  • Adjustable needle force
  • Integrated vision system for closed loop positioning
  • Vision system based on LabVIEW / IMAQVision
  • Camera with telecentric lens
  • Precise algorithms for camera lens calibration
  • LED lighting, mirrored in
  • Integrated DUT marking system (PASS, FAIL) per DUT or per panel
  • Automation PC, embedded Windows XP
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