Semiconductor Test System Platform

This system is a powerful "zero footprint" mixed-signal test system of the latest generation for all kinds of analog and digital parts and circuits. The system can be tailored in terms of performance and technology to the respective use case because of its open architecture based on standard technologies, including PXI and reconfigurable FPGA-based instruments.

The test system supports the user over the complete life cycle of mixed signal devices, from validation of first samples on wafers, via characterization test and production test of housed parts up to series production of the ICs.


Reconfigurable ABex Platform

  • Zero footprint
  • FPGA-based Instruments
  • Universal Pin Electronics
  • Expandable by PXI Instrument
  • customized interface
  • first silicon test
  • Device Verification
  • Multi- Site Production test
  • ReACT use case test
  • Medium Pincount digital Devices
  • Analog device
  • Mixed signal devices
  • Smartcards, RFID...
  • MEMS

Konrad FINN Mixed Signal TestSystem Presentation

Systems Architecture

All instruments are integrated in an ABex chassis - a system extension with analog and power bus and custom front ends for the synthetic instruments on FPGA basis. These instruments contain of flexible FPGA boards (FlexRIO) using elementary I/O and can be reconfigured using custom IP cores, depending on the application needs. Terminal Modules in Front are user for Physical Adaptation.


  • Full Lifecycle Support
  • First Silicon Test
  • Device Verification
  • Multi-Site Production Test

DUT Interface

A durable and versatile DUT interface comes with the system - capable for mass production. Adaptation of DUTs is carried out using family boards and all common load boards of leading manufacturers.

System integration

As a standard solution we offer a direct integration in a manipulator from a leading manufacturer.

Handler / Prober support

As an integral part of the complete test solution we offer not just the standard test system hard- and software, but also the adaptations to the production infrastructure. All typical wafer prober and all typical test handlers are supported by the system. No matter in which company-wide infrastructure the test system has to be integrated, with our expertise we offer the best application support.

Time requirements

The system fulfills the high real time requirements in semiconductor testing in its entirety. A real time operating system is used as well as FPGA based synthetic instruments to ensure deterministic test execution. Also, cluster of multiple instruments and test sequences can be built. The system supports multiple synchronization scenarios of all instruments and the full asynchronous operation of the test units.

Software Architecture

A flexible and powerful software architecture is key to performing testing ranging from a characterization environment to a multi-site and parallel production testing. Some key software tools are:

  • Comprehensive characterization and debug tools
  • Shmoo plot
  • STDF test data output
  • Virtual instruments panels
  • Powerful Test Sequencer


The instruments are PXI modules from National Instruments and other vendors, extended by terminal modules for the ABex test head – the KT-TM-403 DIG50IO Universal Pin Electronic which has 20 full bidirectional channels each channel can be either input or output- learn More. Other instruments include DC VIs with ±100V, 100mA, ±30V, 100mA, four quadrant mode, digitizers (14bit, 100MS/s or 2GS/s), Arbitrary waveform generators (16bit, 100MS/s or 400MS/s) and many others.

ADAS Virtual Test Drive