LEON Desktop

The LEON tester family is designed with focus on maximum flexibility and usability in different configurations. The KT LEON Desktop test system is a compact test system that features an excellent signal integrity and a high quality fixture interface based on Virginia panel connectors. The KT LEON Desktop is optimized for medim pincount ICT/BSCAN/Flash test systems. As well as all testers of Leon Family the KT LEON Desktop is based on the multifunction card KT-PXI-501.


  • Easy implementation
  • Low cost
  • Test in paralell
  • Open Platform PXI
  • Extrem modular


  • Upgrade from Manual to lnline if required
  • Modular and Scalable test system based on Open Platforms PXI and ABex (Analog Bus Extension)
  • Bench Top System
  • 86 .. 2838 test points
  • True parallel Test (Maximum 17 embedded PCB testers in parallel)
  • Virginia Panel interface to fixture
  • Optimized signal integrity (No wiring from test cards to Virginia panel interface)
  • Standard lngun MA2112 fixture (others on request)
  • Easy implementation
  • Optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability, and cost
  • Optionally, an ABex solution with an integrated lngun fixture is possible


  • Ways for ICT test program development
  • Programming using Test Libraries
    - DLL for Windows
    - NI LabVIEW
    - NI LabWindows/CVI
    - TestStand test sequencer additionally recommended
    - Konrad ICT IDE
  • Optionally, CAD & BOM import via KERFLEX


ABex solution with integrated Ingun Fixture

ADAS Virtual Test Drive