LEON Fixture

The KT LEON Fixture, is the ideal fixture solution for function test, final test and ICT applications. Our test system combines optimal ergonomics with high performance, durability, and precision, ensuring your investment over the long term. It is prepared for a safety switch with guard locking, and an electrical interlock. It’s hard-ware interface ensures minimal maintenance and retooling times. Our fixture technologies reduced debug time, ease ECO‘s and reduced maintenance, while allowing for the highest test performance, ability to probe denser smaller targets and achieve ultra-high node counts. As well as all testers of Leon Family the KT LEON Fixture is based on the multifunction card KT-PXI-501.


  • Modular and Scalable test system
  • Easy implementation
  • Upgradable from Manual to Inline if required
  • Open Platform PXI
  • 86..430 test points
  • True parallel Test
  • Low-cost VG interface or pylon Interface
  • Saves floor space (Test system integrated in fixture)
  • Optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability and cost
  • ABex (Analog Bus Extension) platform

The high-capacity fixture by KonradTechnologies combines a range of benefits for perfect processes in your production environment. The LEON Fixture is customized for the size of the PCB, which means not only low unit weight but also fast suction. The Low-cost exchangeable cassette systems ensure long-term flexibility, as the device is available in all stages of assembly and ensure the value of your investment.


  • Instrumentation integrated into test fixture
  • Low cost solution
  • 86 ... 430 test nodes
  • Maximum 3 embedded PCB testers in parallel
  • Manual fixture is part of the system
  • Boundary scan test
  • In-system programming
  • Best price / performance ratio
  • Most compact form factor


  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)
  • Electrical Functional Test (FCT)
  • In-System Programming (ISP)

Technical Data

Panel Dimensions

  • Panel length: Max. 455 mm
  • Panel width: 50 - 310 mm


  • Two Ways for ICT test program development
  • Programming using Test Libraries
      - DLL for Windows
      - NI LabVIEW
      - NI LabWindows/CVI
      - TestStand test sequencer additionally recommended
      - Konrad ICT IDE
  • Optionally, CAD & BOM import via KERFLEX
ADAS Virtual Test Drive