Get Adequate Skills for Your future Performance

Customer and employee education is an essential part of our success theory.

We offer  training programs for our standard software products and also customized trainings for the required tools like LabVIEW and TestStand. Furthermore, we offer customized training for the product specific test programs before and after delivering test systems to our customers.


Basic Training

For the best start with a new test system, we provide customers with a specialized system training on our standard software platform, NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand which  is particularly important for the efficient use of our software libraries and standard applications. The duration of the training depends on the complexity of the test system and on the knowledge of the trainees.

A typical training program includes knowledge on Standard platforms and applications, test operation of the system, software, hardware systems and control systems, automation and evaluation measurements and more. Training session can either be in-house or at your factory site. We also offer "Hands-On" training, on the test system used, so that your test engineers get familiar with the practical preparation of your customized test software.


Training options

Basic Training LabVIEW

  • 3 Days Training

Basic Training LabVIEW Machine Vision

  • 2 Days Training

Basic Training TestStand

  • 2 Days Training

Customized Training

In addition to our standard course program we are able to provide a combined training program according to your specific needs. Common combinations include a two-day introduction to TestStand, and another day for additional training in KT-Project - our library for test plan development.

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