EOL Tester for large Diesel Engine ECUs

This system tester is for the complete function test of ECUs. It consists of a total of three systems; two of which are used in the production of PCBs and devices as End-of-Line Testers, while the third one is used in the laboratory, providing valuable information for the further development of ECUs.

The objective is a reduction in testing time after the first serial production, as well as a significantly higher test depth. Additionally, the temperature sensor inputs, analogue signals and voltage monitors are calibrated with highest accuracy, providing a high degree of interchangeability with consistently high quality.

Two test systems are used on two production floors for PCB and device production. A third system is used in the development lab.


  • Highly accurate stimulation and calibration of the temperature sensors, thermocouples, PT100, PT1000
  • Testing of power output levels under a load of up to 150V and 25A burst
  • Software for evaluation and storage of test results
  • Parallel test of two identical DUTs
  • Modular and Scalable architecture that enables the rapid implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Highly Flexible and Upgradable
  • Improved error simulation configurations
  • Integrated the standard measurement boards in a PXI system, complemented by the Analogue-Bus-Extension, ABex®, and the High-Power-Extension, HiPex.
  • Parallel validation of Double tester hardware for independent operation of the two drawer adapters
  • Reduces lead times and overall increase in test coverage within a given time frame
  • 24/7 operating times
  • Real time compatibility
  • Throughput Balancing

Technical Data

  • Analogue amplifier up to 30V for I/O stimulation with impulses, frequencies and signal level
  • Control of the analogue amplifier over DAQ board NI PXI-6221 with waveform function
  • Differential stimulation of sensor inputs with the lowest thermo-electric voltage
  • Load Matrix 10A switching capacity, 20A transient peak currents, non-shifted 24V/110V, 32 relays per board, scalable up to 11 boards per chassis, shifting of inductive loads
  • Measurements: U, I, R, cont., short, AI, AO, DI, DO, high voltage diode test (up to 150V)
  • Simplified debugging through separable Power-Bus
  • Test case oriented software structure for a high number of similar I/O points
  • Optional test programmer development with requirement documents on Excel basis with automatic test sequence generation for NI TestStand
  • DUT calibration - Calculation and download of calibration constants to the DUT
  • Evaluation and storage of all test results and calibration data


  • NI TestStand: Sequencer, Editor, Debugger
  • NI LabVIEW: FCT Test Step libraries
  • KT-Sequence Generator: Automatic generation of TestStand test sequences from the Requirement-documents
  • KT-OP: Operator interface, Debugging
  • KT-STAT: Result analysis, determining the process capability
ADAS Virtual Test Drive