868MHz RF Test System with Drawer Adapter

RF and wireless turnkey test solutions for high-performance measurements at microwave frequencies.

This RF-system is able to test products in an 868 MHz frequency range, for example radio systems, heat-cost distributors, water and heat meters. It is designed as a semi-automatic manual work station and allows parallel placement and automatic functional test of two-times two DUTs in a tandem arrangement. To guarantee a stable measuring result, the test system has two identical RF-chambers


  • This semi-automatic RF test system is efficient and guarantees long-term solution.
  • High level of usability
  • The tandem structure and parallel placement of 2x2 products, combined with a very short cycle time of only a few seconds made it possible to significantly increase the customer's productivity.
  • Future products with potentially higher frequency ranges (up to 6GHz) can be tested on this test system with a minimum of effort, a feature which provides very high investment security.
  • Scalable and flexible assembly Platforms
  • Modular systems
  • Real time compatibility


  • Layout for manual work station; insertion and testing is executed in parallel
  • Very short cycle times, depending on product
  • Parallel testing of two products
  • Drawers with fixture kits
  • Easy adjustment of all parameters and limits
  • Logging of all test results
  • Integrated system self-test up to the contact pin, without any external operation


  • NI TestStand: Sequencer, Editor, Debugger
  • NI LabVIEW: Test Step libraries
  • KT-OP: Operator interface, Debugging
  • KT-Project: Test Step library, Function Test
  • KT-STAT: Display and analysis of the result files, determining the process capability


  • Measuring range DC-6GHz, attenuation 40dB (at 868 MHz)
  • RF: SMA-Connector
  • LF: DSub-25
  • Two drawers with manual fixture kit adapter via Pylon-Interface.
PXI-based Measurement System
  • NI PXI-6221 multifunction DAQ Card.
  • NI PXI-5650 1.3GHz RF Signal Generator
  • Agilent E4404B 6,7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Machine control
  • Festo Pneumatic System
  • Faulhaber Engine Controller
ADAS Virtual Test Drive