Konrad Aerospace HASS Testsystem

For quality assurance reasons under practical conditions, the so called Stress Screening Tests were developed for the aerospace industry. By so doing , DUTs are exposed to temperature cycles between -40°C to +85°C while shaking the DUTs along several axes. Early failures and manufacturing defects will be detected with high certainty.

The KT- High Accelerated Stress Screening Test System was developed as a standard solution for the aerospace industry and equipped with PXI instruments. These include a 7.5-digit multi meter, various digital I / O boards and multiplexers, CAN interfaces and extensive options for powering DUTs (AC and DC sources for all aviation relevant voltages).

We equiped  this test system with the universal KT-Climatic-Chamber-Server. This allows running climatic profiles with correlated test sequences.  Different climatic chambers from various manufacturers can be interfaced using plug-ins.

The comprehensive software package includes tools for efficient development and production ramp up.

Within a short amount of time test engineers can use the KT Sequence Generator software to automatically generate test sequences, based on requirement documents and test step templates.

With KT-DEMA a library of interactive instrument panels are available, which can directly be integrated in the test program. The execution of test programs in production is done using the KT operator interfaces.



  • Universal Test System - Supports a wide range of technologies which makes it easily customizable to meet specific customer requirements
  • Reduce test time and Time- to - Market thus reducing Cost of Production
  • Scalable and Modular implemented test platforms guarantee easy maintenance and throughput balancing
  • Flexible - Can be applied to many programming configurations
  • Very Reliable - Features ensure efficient  data integrity, uninterrupted process and production flow
  • Improved Failure Simulation Configurations
  • A special feature of this test system is verification by means of a database for all test procedures. This includes the cross check of the test adapters with each DUT, all relevant test sequences, and parameters

Customer requirements

  • DUT interfacing via exchangeable test adapters
  • Aerospace voltage 115V/400Hz
  • Flexible supply and switching of multiple DC and AC voltages to the DUTs
  • Stimulation and measurement of selected signals for failure detection by using commercial off the shelf (COTS) instrument based test system
  • Control of climatic chamber and shaker (HASS chamber) as a subject to test sequences
  • Automated verification of all software and hardware parameters
  • All test result data are stored in result files, compliant to aerospace standards, e.g. ABD0100. Furthermore, software tools such as KT-STAT are used for SPC analysis to simplify a continuous improvement of production quality.


  • NI TestStand: Sequential Control, Editor, Debugger
  • NI LabVIEW: Test Step libraries
  • KT Operator Interface: User Interface, Debugging
  • KT Project: Test Step library, Functional Test
  • KT Sequence Generator: Automated generation of test sequences based on requirement documents
  • KT DEMA: Soft-Front Panels for interactive operation of instruments
  • KT Climatic Chamber software
  • KT Environmental-Server-Application
  • The KT HASS Test System is a universal test solution for cost efficient test of typical LRUs, using commercial instruments. Specific aerospace requirements, such as the Airbus ABD0100 are supported.


  • PXI-Based Test System with ABex® Extension
  • Industrial PC as a system controller with an MXI interface
  • NI PXI-1045 18 Slot Chassis
  • MXI-Express Interface
  • PXI-4071 7½ Digit DMM
  • PXI-6528 48 Channel Digital I/O
  • PXI-2527 32 Channel Multiplexer
  • ME9000 8 Port Serial Interface
  • NI PXI-8464/2-Port CAN Interface
  • AC and DC Power Multiplexer within separate 19” racks, controlled via NI-6501 USB-Digital I/O ModuleUPSKT Power Supply UnitAs the interface between DUTs and test system, a solution from Virginia Panel has been chosen. It includes exchangeable adapters with reliable connections to over 20,000 mating cycles without exchanging contacting pins.


Power Supply

  • California Instruments AC Source Lx Series, 115V, 400 Hz, 4500 VA, three-phase 
  • Agilent N5746A, 0…40V, 19A, 760W
  • Agilent N6700 Two-Channel 35V, 3A, 100W each
ADAS Virtual Test Drive