KT Camera MTF Target Finite/Infinite

Camera resolution test in confined space with accessory lens

The measurement of the modulation transfer function (MTF) is a key parameter for the quality of a camera. Usually the MTF is measured at certain distances from the camera – from near field up to infinity. In order to implement this camera test into automated test equipments without compromising the distance information, we developed a compact MTF target consisting of an accessory lens on a backlight illuminated MTF test chart. The accessory lens projects the target into a virtual distance for the camera. The requirements with respect to space shrink by orders of magnitude.

MTF focus test at different working distances, e.g. infinite and 300mm within small space.The KT-Camera-MTF target combines a backlight, chart and relay lens. We can adapt the lens to fit the requirements of your camera module (FOV angle, working distance). We have all competences in house from lens design, lens simulation, manufacturing, Light Controller flicker free backlight control, up to analysis algorithms for MTF calculation.

With a special fixture, Konrad Technologies could minimize the required space and size of the MTF targets to a minimum, so that camera test is now also possible in small areas.


  • Lens system allows very small form factor
  • Lateral displacement compensation
  • Axial displacement compensation
  • Adjustable backlight intensity
  • Customizable target for individual applications
  • Same time connection of multiple targets


  • Wide range power input (12V – 24V)
  • RS422 Communication Interface (Up to 15 devices on one bus)
  • Easy bus addressing with dip switches
  • The virtual target distance is dependent on accessory lens parameters, i.e. its focal length and internal component distances
  • The accessory lens is composed of a set of single lenses to minimize optical aberrations
  • A small lateral and axial misalignment between DUT and accessory lens has no or marginal impact on measured MTF results
  • A misalignment in tilt between DUT and accessory lens leads to a decrease of measured MTF results


Dual Target for Finite and Infinite distance

  • Length: 165 mm
  • Width: 240 mm
  • Height: 88 mm
  • Weight: 1900 g

Single Target for Finite distance

  • Length: 183 mm
  • Width: 263 mm
  • Height: 93 mm
  • Weight: 1900 g
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