Maintenance Tester for avionics equipment

To test the Tactical Mission Computers for the two different, Eurocopter Tiger and NH90, a system tester was implemented, based entirely on the COTS idea (commercial off the shelf).

The system is based on the standard PAUL tester from Konrad Technologies, which was developed for the special requirements in the aviation field.
For the adaptation to the different features various test adapters are connected to the system via a Virginia Panel interface.

The system is based on the open industry standard PXI with the system expansion ABex. ABex integrated in addition to another PXI analog bus, are distributed over the measurement signals. Signal paths are optimized and the wiring complexity is significantly reduced.

All about the ABex - Analog Bus Extension für PXI


  • Upgradeable test
  • Scalable and flexible assembly Platforms
  • Modular systems
  • Real time compatibility
  • Reusability in Production
  • Convenient DUT interface to the test adapter, based on Virginia Panel Technology
  • Self-test supported
  • Easy integration of external AC or DC sources
  • Dynamic current measurements

Main Features


In the implementation phase, equipment’s from leading manufacturers such as National Instruments and Agilent used.


Function Test

  • Programmable AC Source: 115V / 400Hz
  • Programmable DC Power Sources: 2x 0-35V, 0-8V 2x
  • Fixed voltage sources 5V, 3.3V, 15V
  • Central system power supply with the emergency stop circuit and the internal system
  • supply voltages
  • 6.5 digit DMM
  • 14Bit / 100MS / s digitizer
  • Digital I / O 96 open drain, 32 isolated dig I / O
  • Multifunction DAQ (16-bit, 1.25 MS / s)
  • Switching matrices: KT-AM-301 with each 172x4 signals

All typical avionics communication interfaces are integrated in ABex / PXI System


Other communication interfaces are supported by the system and can be used as needs change within  the system:

  • Arinc 615A Ethernet / AFDX
  • ARINC 664
  • Fibre channel
  • HS1760 / MIL-STD-1760E
  • AS6802 Deterministic Ethernet


Break Out Panel

In support of the test personnel in interactive measurements the system was equipped with a break-out panel. All relevant signals can also be tapped, including communication signals, video signals and power signals. A Soft Front Panel supports the staff in monitoring the states of the DUT.


Test Adapter Interface and Test Unit Adapter (TUA)

The system features a durable interface based on Virginia Panel technology to the respective test adapters (TUA). Additional Adapters can be easily retrofitted to request changes.


As a software platform the same standard tools are used, as with the other tester series from Konrad Technologies. In effect, this is the modular test sequencer NI TestStand as well as the comprehensive test step library KT Project. The implementation of the test requirements in executable test sequences was automated with the Konrad test sequence generator. Based on previously defined test step templates and a uniform syntax in the test descriptions, fully-automated executable test sequences occur within a very short time.

ADAS Virtual Test Drive