System tester for Avionics equipment

To test the Tactical Mission Computers for the two programs Eurocopter Tiger and NH90 a system tester was implemented, based entirely on the COTS idea (commercial off the shelf).

The system is based on PAUL STANDARD-TESTER of Konrad Technologies which was developed for the very special demands in the aviation operating range.

The interpretation of the system occurs before the background of the usability as an entire system tester and permits the test of all used system components in three different depths of sharpness which are:

  • LRU level (Line Replaceable Unit)
  • SRU level (Shop Replaceable Unit)
  • PMC module level.

The three different test scenarios each have test unit adapters connected with the standard interface of the test system.

As interface here commercial standard products are used.

Test platform

The system is based on the open industry standard PXI with the system expansion ABex. ABex integrated in addition to another PXI analog bus, are distributed over the measurement signals. Signal paths are optimized to be conducted and the wiring complexity is significantly reduced.

Find out about our ABex - Analog Bus Extension for PXI


  • Real time compatibility
  • Reduced setup and start-up times
  • Reliable connections between DUT and PXI instruments
  • Flexible distribution of power signals
  • Short setup and commissioning times
  • Increased signal quality
  • Scalability of the entire system
  • Upgradeable
  • Modular systems

The implementation of the test requirements in executable test sequences was automated with the Konrad test sequence generator.

Main Features


within the range of the instrumentation devices of  other  manufacturers are used  such as  those of national instrument and Agilent

Function Test

  • Programmable AC source: 115V/400Hz
  • Programmable sources of DC: 2x 0-35V, 2x 0-8V
  • Sources of tightening 5V, 3.3V, 15V
  • Central system power feed with emergency stop circle and internal system supply voltages
  • Boundary Scan
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 6.5 digit DMM
  • 14Bit/100MS/s Digitizer
  • Digitally I/O 96 open drain, 32 isolated dig I/O
  • Multifunktions DAQ (16 bits, 1.25 MS/s)
  • Crosspoint switches: 2x KT-AM-301 with in each case 172x4 signals
  •  Relay maps: 2x KT-AM303 with in each case 100 OptoMOS relays

Video Signal Test

The system (speciment) has a composite video signal input of the various test images leaked  to a stimuli source conforming to STANAG 3350 Class A & B. Furthermore, two RGB outputs are evaluated.

Boundary Scan Test

On SRU level and PMC module-level, the specimens are also tested for functionality of the individual modules.

For this, the boundary scan test is coming to IEEE Std. 1149.1 used,

 using a Göpel SFX PXI 1094 card and the ABex expansion module Konrad TM BSCAN-G, on which the four Test Access Ports (TAPs) and 32 digital I /, 2x AX, DX 2x are Os, 2x  are triggered.

DUT Communication

All typical avionics communication interfaces are integrated in ABex / PXI System

     MIL-STD-BUS 1553MIL
     Fast Serial Link (customer specific)
     RS232, RS423, RS422, RS485
Other communication interfaces are  supported by the system and can be used as needs change within the system:
     Arinc 615A Ethernet / AFDX
     ARINC 664
     ARINC 429
     Fibre channel
     HS1760 / MIL-STD-1760E
     AS6802 Deterministic Ethernet

Break Out Panel

In support of the test Staff in interactive measurements the system is equipped with a break-out panel. All relevant signals can also be tapped, including communication signals, video signals and power signals.


As a software platform the same standard tools are used, as with the other tester series from Konrad Technologies. In effect, this is the modular test sequencer NI TestStand as well as the comprehensive test step library KT Project. The implementation of the test requirements in executable test sequences was automated with the Konrad test sequence generator. Based on previously defined test step templates and a uniform syntax in the test descriptions, fully-automated executable test sequences occur within a very short time.

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