Test Rig for Industrial Pumps

This is a Test system that determines the characteristics of Industrial pumps designed for a leading manufacturer for centrifugal pumps and displacement pumps. Data regarding pressure and flow rate are tested according to the customer's specification.


  • By introducing this test system, the testing time was significantly reduced from the usual 25 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Reduced the customer's time used during manufacturing - While testing, the operator can already mount the next pump. The system runs in two-shift operation and guarantees a hundred percent testing with exact characteristic line specification.
  • The system is designed as a modular and scalable embedded system, to satisfy the corresponding security requirements and offers the option for future expansions.
  • It is designed universally for all types of pumps.
  • Test systems is applicable at various stages on the production due to improved throughput balancing

Main Features

Customer Requirements

  • Reducing the testing time for manual testing from 25 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Communication with SAP-server for test data interrogation and test result storage
  • Calculation program regarding temperature and viscosity of the media
  • User interface in accordance with customer specifications
  • Fully automatic sequencing with system verification and security check
  • The operator can prepare other pumps in parallel


Implemented Solution

  • The test stand was developed to determine industrial pump specifications, including characteristic and flow rate and to record the suction and pump pressure and to compare them to the client's requirements.
  • The test data is downloaded automatically from SAP by entering the tracking ID of the DUT. The test data is also stored in SAP.
  • The test system takes over the activation and regulation of the pump motor at different speed settings. A slider for regulating the pressure is also controlled by the test system.
  • Various range of sensors for parameters like pressure, flow rate and temperature are also a part of the system.
  • The test is fully automated, as soon as the pump is mounted into the system. Should any of the values fall outside the determined tolerance values, the system immediately interrupts operation and displays an error message.
  • The temperature measurement is of prime importance, as it is used as a basis to calculate the environment's viscosity and to derive other calculation offsets. If necessary, a cooling unit will also be activated in the medium tank.
  • The ordered system was designed as a real-time embedded system, to guarantee the necessary operation security. For this reason, we used a CompactRIO system from National Instruments, equipped with the corresponding signal conditioning modules for sensor integration.
  • All data is stored and managed online in SAP, so that the customer may automatically receive the characteristic lines corresponding to one particular pump.


  • NI TestStand: Sequential Control, Editor, Debugger
  • NI LabVIEW: Test step libraries
  • KT Operator Interface: User guidance, Debugging
  • KT Test step libraries: Functional Test, SAP Communication
  • KT SAP-Connection: Test data interrogation based on tracking number from SAP, Result data stored in SAP


  • CompactRio Test System: FPGA / Real-Time Test system


  • Control
  • Digital I/O
  • Analogue I/O
  • Thermocouple conditioning
  • Frequency counter


  • Parallel test
  • Expanding the measurement functions
  • External vibrometry
  • Vision Control


  • Manual mounting of the pump
  • Testing cell with medium tank and drive motor
  • „End-of-Line" System


Ethernet with TCP/IP for communication between the embedded system and the visualization calculator

ADAS Virtual Test Drive