Universal Test System for Automotive ECUs

This system is capable of testing various "Body Electronics" ECUs on a single platform.
It is equipped with two independent drawer adapters (tandem adapters) and a corresponding fixture concept. The instrumentation is designed for automotive-typical performance requirements and is based on the standard measurement boards in a PXI-System. This universal test system, is a high-performance tester for various automotive ECUs. The flexible tandem adapter allows alternative testing of one DUT, while another one is being assembled. The double implementation of the entire instrumentation ensures no time delays in the test sequences.


  • Modular and Scalable architecture that enables the rapid implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Highly Flexible and Upgradable
  • Improved error simulation configurations
  • Integrated PXI and Konrad HiPex system test platform
  • Parallel validation of Double tester hardware for independent operation of the two drawer adapters
  • Reduces lead times and overall increase in test coverage within a given time frame
  • 24/7 operating times
  • Real time compatibility


  • Manual DUT loading in two independent drawer adapters
  • Integrated fixture concept with upper and lower inlay
  • Three sided contacting from above, from the front and left/right
  • 2D-Scanner in fixture kits for DUT-verification
  • Monitored tray for rejected parts above drawer
  • Label printer for good parts labelling
  • Manual 2D-Data-Matrix-Code-Scanner for monitoring the PASS label
  • Instrumentation based on PXI and Konrad HiPex system
  • Double tester hardware for independent operation of the two drawer adapters


  • NI TestStand: Sequencer, Editor, Debugger
  • NI LabVIEW: FCT Test Step libraries
  • KT-OP: Operator interface, Debugging, support for the two parallel drawer adapters
  • KT-STAT: Result analysis, determining the process capability


  • PXI-Test System with HiPex Extension
  • NI PXI-6254 32-channel AI, 16Bit, 48 digital I/O
  • NI PXI-6722 8-channel AO, 13Bit
  • HiPex DUT-Power board: Supply and current measurement (Measurement ranges: 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A, 10A, 50A)
  • HiPex Analog-In board (Isolation and signal conditioning to ±30V)
  • HiPex Analog-Out board (Isolation and signal conditioning to 0...30V)
  • HiPex DUT application board (8x ±30V AI, 4x 0...30V AO, 8x isolated digital outputs, 4x isolated digital inputs, 100W E-Load, CAN, LIN)
  • Communication: Digital I/O, LAN
  • Power supply and corresponding adaptor
  • Agilent N5765A 30V/50A
  • KT power supply unit
  • Adaption: Tandem adapter with two independent drawers
  • Upper and lower fixture with exchangeable inlays
  • Interface: Compact unit, tester integrated in mechanical structure


ADAS Virtual Test Drive