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Engineering expertise and experience in automotive test solutions

ADAS AD Test Solutions
Engineering expertise and experience in automotive test solutions from Konrad Technologies for ADAS and autonomous driving test. Konrad Technologies is a founding member of ADAS iiT the one stop test solution provider for autonomous vehicles - offering an ecosystem of #technologies​ including sensor test, hardware in the loop (HIL), V2X, GNSS, data management and analysis.


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Sensor Test for Validation/Production Tests  |  Sensor Fusion Test Workbenches  |  ADAS Function Test

The Automotive supply chain and ecosystem continue to face increasing test challenges enhanced by the emergence and adoption of new technologies such as new sensor technologies and deep learning algorithms to deliver new functionality like smart connected cars and semi - or fully- autonomous vehicles with key wireless connectivity using V2X technologies and ADAS features like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Automated Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane departure Warning (LDW) and more.

Konrad Technologies, leveraging our strong experience in sensor test, is a technology leader for ADAS test pioneering several test methods including 77GHz Automotive Radar test Systems, Sensor Fusion Test systems involving radar, camera, and lidar sensors, and HIL-based test methods for ADAS functional tests. We develop test systems and simulators for Camera, Radar and Lidar sensors that enable both OEMs and suppliers to meet their needs for scalable, flexible and reliable test systems for validation and production test applications.

Konrad Technologies delivers standalone systems, integrated systems, and engineering services for custom systems built to your requirements.


Konrad Technologies is a solution provider for innovative next generation ADAS test systems that combine measurement-based and scenario-based simulation test methods for optimized performance and validation tests of ADAS sensors (radar, camera, ultrasonic, and lidar) and ADAS functions before drive tests.  

The biggest challenge for ADAS test is the variety of sensors coupled with AI and deep learning capabilities that require testing and validation throughout the V development flow cycle. And that large quantities of real-time data from different sensors such as Radar, Lidar, Ultrasonic and Camera systems must be tested and validated separately and together with key vehicle components like braking systems and Engine Control Units (ECUs). Primarily to ensure reliability of ADAS functional performance in vehicles to ensure passenger safety.

Based on Konrad Technologies modular and scalable software and hardware approach, ADAS test technologies and control systems can be tested in a continuum from Software in the Loop (SIL), Hardware in the Loop (HIL), Driver in the Loop (DIL), and Vehicle in the Loop (VIL) to reduce the overall development effort and costs before the Drive Test.

Our ADAS Activities

  • Cruise Control Test Systems: ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control, ICC – Intelligent Cruise Control, LCC – Laser Cruise Control, LRR – Long Range Radar, Test systems for Evaluation, Test, and Radar target simulation 24GHz-77GHz-82GHz, Automated Signal Analysis
  • Camera Test Systems: FFCM – Forward Facing Camera Module Calibration, FCM – Front Camera Module Calibration, LDP – Lane Departure Prevention, LDW – Lane Departure Warning, RCC - Rear Camera Calibration, RVC – Rearview Camera Calibration, RACS - Rear Anti-Collision Sensor Calibration, TAD – Trailer Angle Detection
  • LIDAR Target Simulator for Distance, Velocity, Angle of Approach
  • Ultrasonic- 360 Degree Systems: Park Assist
  • ADAS – Automated Driver Assist Sensor Systems
  • Radar R&D Validation, Verification, Qualification and Manufacturing Test
  • Radar Embedded Software Development
  • Radar Signal Processing Software
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