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One of the core competencies of Konrad Technologies is the creation of test solutions for printed circuit boards and board assemblies. To achieve the highest possible test coverage, we offer our LEON series of PXI-based in-circuit testers in multiple configurations. The open platform´s main advantage is that in addition to ICT, it can be combined with other test methods on the same system. These include

  • Functional Test
  • Boundary Scan Test
  • Vision Test
  • In-System Programming

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For efficiency reasons, the classic In-Circuit Test is most often no longer applicable as the sole test method to ensure adequate test coverage. Combinations with other test procedures are therefore applied and require a flexible tester architecture. Our test platforms offer the necessary requirements to ensure the combination of various test on the production line for convenient throughput balancing. The Next Generation Test Platform for PCB Test LEON Gen III combines classical analog in-circuit test (ICT) or Manufacturing Defect Analysis (MDA) with additional functional test capabilities on a single PXI board. Multiple embedded testers can be configured in a single system for parallel test and high throughput.

The system is designed for Speed, Performance and true Parallel Test processing. Based on the PXI industry standard, it can be integrated into many different tester configurations, from small systems up to thousands of nodes per system. The main target areas include:

  • High pin count, medium to high complexity PCB’s
  • Low pin count, fine pitch access PCB’s
  • Manual PCB test stations
  • In-line test systems

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