Thrive with your IoT investments: Cutting-edge wireless communication test technologies

Turn your IoT test challenge into opportunity with the Konrad Technologies advantage.

The way the world communicates is changing. Our reality now includes not only physical objects, but the data they collect and exchange. Objects experience the world, analyze what they experience, store data and communicate with other devices. Because smart devices are collecting and sharing information, people are gaining knowledge about the world around them. In turn, companies are now able to further analyze consumer behaviors. All of this communication has the possibility to change the world as we know it. Everything will be more efficient as our physical world becomes increasingly knowledgeable.  

Industries are realizing this new technology and recognizing all the ways it will make their business run as efficiently as possible. Simultaneously, people want to simplify their everyday lives. They want everything from their bicycle to refrigerator connected and even automated. Home and industry automation is the future.  

Companies have the opportunity to join the evolution and to bring this technology to the market by making sure their products are connected to the internet. 

A race to bring connected devices to market has begun!

When developing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, companies are searching for reliable wireless communication test technologies. This drove Konrad Technologies to create a low-cost test system that offers quality assurance, connectivity, high functionality and performance.

Konrad´s RF and high speed digital technology hardware and software assist test engineers reduce the cost for testing wireless communication units and time to market, while improving development throughput. The technology covers cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, EnOcean, Z-Wave, NFC, RFID, EMV test, battery drain and more to help companies face complex test challenges and lead the way.

Our end-to-end test and measurement solutions are ideal for IoT strategic automation planning for industries in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation and many others. Konrad’s test solutions are also perfect for industries that require customized solutions. We also offer the whole service spectrum, all throughout the product development life cycle from product concept, design, prototyping and deployment all the way through maintenance and support.

An Intelligent System for a More Connected World

As the IoT and the Internet of Everything (IoE) continue to change the world today, Konrad Technologies deploys efficient, multifunctional engineering test and measurement solutions that successfully get IoT products to market faster than ever before. Gain the advantage with Konrad Technologies in solving the complex challenges of wireless communication test.

  • Test applications for the industrial IoT
  • Test and measurement systems for mobile devices
  • IoT test platforms
  • Smart sensor testing
  • Test solutions for classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth smart for all wireless devices
  • Test and measurement solutions for WLAN and WIFI
  • Test solutions for LTE-MTC (LTE-M), Narrowband LTE-M and Narrowband IoT
  • ICT/FCT of industrial sensors, etc.

KT´s Alignment with Your Business Goals


  • Feasibility studies for specific measurements and adaption concepts
  • Prototyping the first board
  • Consulting engineering
  • Digital, analog and EMI interface debugging
  • Power analysis and powering components
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Testing and quality assurance

Design & Prototyping

  • Test system customization regarding handling and docking requirements
  • Output data analysis
  • RF parameters and functionality
  • Performance and power analysis
  • Basic wireless validation and coexistence test

Development & Testing

  • RF debug and development
  • Regulatory and standard compliance
  • Coordination analysis
  • Data format optimization
  • Deployment testing and quality assurance
  • Training and production support


  • Interface verification and calibration
  • Go/No-Go test
  • Installment and monitoring
  • Deployment testing and quality assurance
  • Training and production support

Maintenance & Support

  • Comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance and technical support
  • Obsolescence management
  • Individual customer services
  • Retro fitting and product re-engineering
  • Performance engineering
  • Defect control
  • Quality control

RF Communications Test System

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