Leading the future of optics

Leading the future of optics with accurate and highly efficient test systems

We solve optical multicast test challenges

With technological innovation, the demand for very high capacity in communication networks have changed the course of optical test. High precision and accurate optical measurements are essential in modern optical engineering. Due to our high technological standards, we are able to overcome the challenges of miniaturization, precision, signal processing, micro- and nanostructure-based optical testing, and test automation in our optical test solutions. 

We offer a wide range of optical test solutions and measurement technologies from R&D of new technologies, engineering support, system prototyping, system production, camera test system, lens test system, knowledge in designing Integrating Spheres, MTF Testers, Telecentric lens systems, Illumination solutions, to optical measurement systems etc.

Konrad technologies supplies solutions for industrial measurement technologies for consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive industry and medical engineering.


Optical Testing Solutions

Unique Value Propositions at konrad technologies

  • Lens and Camera test modules
  • Quality control systems
  • High volume camera assembly test systems
  • Versatile camera tests
  • MTF Testing of infrared optics
  • MTF focus test
  • LED Flash test
  • Camera uniformity test
  • Rain Sensor test
  • Visual optical measurements solutions
  • Fiber network testing
  • Test lab automation and maintenance

Test Solutions

Camera Uniformity test - KT Mini Sphere

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KT Camera MTF Target Finite/Infinite

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ADAS Virtual Test Drive
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