应用工程师 Application Engineer


We are Hiring Application Engineers!



We strive to search for creative and open-minded talents who can be grown into experts or generalists who could impact the Automotive ADAS/AD industry by providing innovative test solutions.

我们的招致力于寻找具有创造性和开放思想的人才, 在 ”KT中国应用工程师入职培训计划”的引导下, 成为能够通过提供革新性测试解决方案而影响汽车自动驾驶行业的专家与通才.

Preferred Skills and Knowledge


  • Assist senior engineer to provide product solutionsto customers, including but not limited to: preliminary design, detailed designetc.
  • 根据销售需求, 辅助资深工程师为客户提供的解决方案,包括:产品初样设计、详细设计等;
  • Conduct spare parts model selection and testingaccording to the project needs.
  • 根据项目需求, 参与对项目产品的零配件选型、检验等工作;
  • Participate programming, electrical wiring, machine debugging and trouble-shooting tasks based on project requirements.
  • 根据项目需求, 开展程序/线路/调试, 以及故障排除等工作;
  • Develop project specifications with colleagues;
  • 与其他工程师同事共同编写项目的设计规格;
  • Solve various of on-site technical challenges withfield application engineers and service engineers;
  • 根据项目需求, 与现场应用工程师与售后服务工程师一同工作, 以解决困难的技术挑战;
  • Provide essential technical support to customerswith high quality, including corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance,installation, and trainings;
  • 为顾客提供高质量的技术支持,包括矫正性维护,预防性维护,安装和培训;
  • Working with other professionals, within and outsidethe engineering sector to design and implement cost-effective equipmentmodifications to help improve safety and reliability;
  • 与组织内与组织外的其他职能人员配合,设计并且执行成本效益佳的设备以帮助提升设备安全性与稳定性。
  • Discussing and solving complex problems withmanufacturing departments, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers;
  • 和生产部门,分承包商,供应商以及客户共同讨论和解决复杂的问题。
  • Accept all training provided by the company whichcould help fulfilling the duty of this position.
  • 接受公司提供的与岗位要求的相关培训;
  • Participateother tasks assigned by supervisors.
  • 参与其他上级交代的工作。
Desired Skills & Experience


Education Background 学业背景:

  • Control Engineering, Vehicle Engineering,Mechatronics, Electrical and Automation, Communication Engineering and relevantengineering education background.
  • 控制工程、车辆工程、软件工程、机电一体化,电气自动化、通信工程相关专业背景

Professional Skills 专业技能:

  • TypeA: Familiar with C language, LabVIEW coding, or Python coding;
  • A类: 熟悉C语言/LabVIEW编程/Python编程;
  • TypeB: Familiar with HiL technologies and have using experiences of mainstream HiLconfiguration software.
  • B类: 熟悉HiL 技术并且具有主流HiL系统配置软件的使用经验.

General Capabilities 通用能力:

  • Familiar with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio and other regular office software.
  • 熟练使用Word,PowerPoint, Excel, Visio 等Office软件;
  • Have great anti-pressure capabilities and be willing to bear challenging tasks and onsite tasks.
  • 具备较强的抗压能力,愿意承受挑战性工作和现场工作;
  • Have strong self-learning and research capability.
  • 具备较强的自主学习与钻研能力;
  • Have good hands-on willingness and capabilities.
  • 具备良好动手意愿与能力;
  • Have good team spirits and have good capabilities to work well within a team.
  • 具备良好的团队合作能力;
  • Have precise and concise written communication skills.
  • 精确而简明的书面沟通技巧;
  • Be able to use English as working language and can communicate in English fluently.
  • 可以使用英语作为工作语言,流畅沟通;
Additional Desirables


Phase 阶段


1st  Month 第一月

Join in Company Orientation for  culture, work requirements, and process

参加公司关于文化, 工作要求, 工作流程等相关的入职引导;

Gain Basic common sense on  different technical field KT CN involved


2nd  Month第二月

Conduct practice on different  technical field KT CN involved;


3rd  Month 第三月

Can complete basic test  development and HIL test software;


Participate in project tasks  under the guidance of senior engineers.


4th  to 6th Month 第四至第六月

Learning by Doing



Types of Trainings


  • Lectures 授课式
  • Seminar 研讨会
  • Self-Learning 自学/自主研究
  • Presentationpractice 汇报讲演
  • Learning-by-doing 干中学

Future Development Plan

未来发展方向 (2-3年后):

Direction 1:Software Programming (LabVIEW)

发展方向1: 软件编程(LabVIEW)

Direction 2:Simulation Applications (HIL)

发展方向2 仿真测试应用与开发(HIL)

Direction 3:Mechatronics Design and trouble-shooting


Direction 4:Project Management


Direction 5:Technical Sales




Comprehensive private insurance cover for employees


Flexible working hours


Professional Training Opportunities


International Project Opportunities


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