The journey of
Konrad Technologies

From a start-up in southern Germany to global innovation leader.
Our story starts 30 years ago...
Collaborative development efforts and patent application for innovative new sensor technologies with strategic partners and universities.
Konrad Technologies Office Cooperation Table Scene
  • Company restructuring and establishment of business units as headcount growth accelerates. Key Business units are Automotive, R&D, Optics, Automation, Application & Service and Metal & Assembly.
  • March: Nanocode GmbH founded with the participation of Konrad. Nanocode develops algorithms and hardware implementations for highest-speed data compression, in particular for automotive applications.
Konrad Technologies Meeting Room Company Restructuring
Konrad Technologies Cooperation Handshake Graphic
  • KT establishes subsidiary in South Korea
  • KT China executes and delivers local projects to customers
  • KT Global establishes more strategic partnership with OEMs and Tiers
Konrad Technologies International Business Graphic
  • KT Global invests in new Heaquarters in Germany
  • KT establishes subsidiary in UK
  • KT acquired VI Engineering in US
Konrad Technologies Headquarter Buildings
KT starts promotion of ADAS test solutions after succesful project with Audi and NI
Konrad Technologies Michael Konrad Promotion of successful project with AUDI and NI
KT establishes US Subsidiaries
Konrad Technologies US Subsidiaries
  • KT China is established in July
  • Over 1000 Test Systems installed in China running production lines
Konrad Technologies China Subsidiaries Shanghai
  • Radar 1st Project (R&D)
  • Camera 1st Project (Production Test & Assembly)
  • KT continues Radar technologies development
Konrad Technologies ADAS AD Radar Camera Project
  • KT Austria is established
Konrad Technologies ABex Analog Bus Extension Icon
Konrad Technologies was founded by Michael Konrad in his basement in Germany
Konrad Technologies Radolfzell am Bodensee
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