AD/ ADAS Sensor Fusion Test (XIL)

Today’s vehicles are incorporating a huge number of sensors to the intelligent vehicle network. This is done to enable “sensing”of the environment and to detect & evaluate if there are any dangerous or vulnerable objects nearby. Camera and Radar sensors are very popular as well as Ultrasonic and Lidar.

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Konrad Technologies ADAS/ AD Test With Sensor Fusion XIL Test V Diagram

Innovative ADAS ECU and Sensor Fusion Testing Solutions

To process and calculate all the inputs these sensors provide, the vehicle requires a new type of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which is also called intelligent driving Controller, or short ADAS ECU.

Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Automotive suppliers (Tier 1s) are now facing the challenge to run a wide range of testing for individual and zonal ECUs. This is because the challenge is not only to test the individual ECUs, but the master controlling ECU called zonal ECU. Traditionally most of the test data is injected directly to the controller input by a replay system but if the development team would like to have a closer look at the behavior of the sensor a more sophisticated equipment is required that enables sensor over-the-air test (OTA).

Since the vehicle architecture is complex the AD/ ADAS Sensor fusion test platform needs to be highly customized. Additionally changes during the V&V (Validation and Verification) can happen at any moment so the test platform also requires a very good flexibility to any changes (upgrades or downgrades).

Konrad Technologies Intelligent Driving Controller ADAS ECU
Konrad Technologies ADAS Sensor Fusion Test Platform Setup

To solve all these challenges Konrad Technologies (KT) developed together with National Instruments (NI) an innovative AD/ ADAS Sensor fusion test platform based on modular PXI (PCI eXtensionsfor Instrumentation) technology.

This platform can already be applied in the Model in the Loop Stage (MIL) and we further support scalability to Hardware in the loop test (HIL) as well as Vehicle in the loop test (VHIL).

Working together with our global customer base we successfully integrated the AD/ ADAS Sensor fusion test platform into several world-leading Automotive Research Laboratories and enabled our customers to simulate, validate & test complex sensor fusion systems.

Below we want to present to you several solutions for AD/ ADAS Sensor fusion test and if you are facing the same challenge to validate AD/ ADAS sensors and controllers, you are very welcome to contact us with your specific requirements, so that we can propose a suitable solution for your individual circumstances.


Konrad Technologies Sensor Validation by over the air target simulation

Sensor Validation by Over the Air (OTA) Simulation

For real sensor integration, Konrad has developed in-house Sensor simulation systems for Radar, Camera, Ultrasonic and Lidar sensors that can be added to any AD/ ADAS test system. We can integrate as many sensor simulation systems as the customer requires to get as close to a real drive scenario as possible.

Konrad Technologies ADAS/ AD Model in the Loop Test Graphic

Test (MIL)

MIL Systems as a first step support safe development of AD/ ADAS function development by Leveraging scene simulation and vehicle dynamics models. To support our global automotive customer base with this step, we offer custom Model in the loop (MIL) System integration.

MIL Test Page
Konrad Technologies ADAS AD Hardware in the Loop HIL Platform

Test (HIL)

HIL Systems are introduced later when it is required to integrate some real hardware components such as AD/ADAS Sensors or ECUs to the system.To assist AD/ ADAS vehicle development KT developed with NI an open AD/ ADAS Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Platform to offer custom system integration for a successful Open & Closed Loop test.

HIL Test Page
Konrad Technologies Vehicle in the Loop VHIL Systems Integration

Test (VHIL)

VHIL Systems are an interesting option to include in the development process if it is beneficial to run test cases from the MIL and/or HIL stage with a real vehicle on a dynamometer, before the drive test is started. Konrad can offer custom AD/ADAS VHIL integration, working with a global network of partners to meet your test requirements.

VIL Test Page
Konrad Technologies Camulator Data Injection and Integration

Sensor Integration
by Data Injection

In case we don't need to test the optical / RF / Audio part of the sensor we can directly inject the simulated or recorded data into the sensor ECU, or the AD/ ADAS controller. This option may be more cost effective but has a lower test coverage.

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