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Camera systems play a vital role in the construction of autonomous systems by engineers today. They provide visuals that closely resemble what the human eye perceives, aiding users in making real-time decisions or supplying image data to algorithms for extracting insights during post-drive analysis.

Konrad Technologies Sensor Fusion ADAS AD Graphic

The number of cameras installed in a car is typically influenced by the Autonomous Driving (AD) concept adopted by the vehicle manufacturer. The quantity of cameras is heavily dependent on the desired AD level to be attained. As the AD level increases, a greater number of cameras are typically required.

Vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) as well as automotive suppliers (Tier 1s) are challenged to validate, test and produce all the camera systems that will be deployed in the new generation of vehicles. Since the camera systems are very complex, the test systems are often highly customized.

Changes and test requirements during the V&V (Validation and Verification) stage often occur, so the test systems (upgrades or downgrades) must be modular.

Konrad Technologies ADAS AD Camera Test System
Konrad Technologies Customized Camera Test System

Together with partner NI,  Konrad Technologies developed a wide range of camera test systems based on the modular PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation). These systems along with KT's internal optical expertise and technology help solve these critical challenges.

Working together with our global customer base, we successfully integrated multiple camera test systems and enabled our customers to test, validate and successfully produce cameras that are incorporated in many vehicles driving on the roads today.

Below we present a few options for camera validation test and if you are facing the same challenge to test complex camera systems, we invite you to contact us with specific requirements, so that we can propose a suitable solution for your individual circumstances.

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Konrad Technologies Camulator Data Injection and Integration

Camera Data
Injection Test

This is the standard test which is done across the industry from vehicles manufacturers to automotive suppliers, also called injection based test.

We are taking a reference video stream from a simulation system or a real recording and inject the signal into the camera system and measure the output to validate if the ECU processed the information correctly.

The drawback of this solution is that the optical part of the camera is not tested.

Konrad Technologies Optical System Development

Optical System

Each camera has a unique optical design, which includes the camera lens, filters and optical sensor. If we want to test this part with high quality precision, it typically requires a custom made optical test system that matches the specification of the camera under test.

Konrad Technologies (KT) has an in-house optical development team that can conceptualize, develop and manufacture such systems working together with the R&D team of our customers.

Konrad Technologies Over the Air System


To facilitate the integration of a comprehensive camera system encompassing the optical system, image processing and subsequent data evaluation, KT has developed a Camera Over-the-Air test system.

This system is typically interconnected with a real data replay system or simulation system that sends information to a screen.

The camera under test captures the information displayed on the screen, enabling the evaluation of the camera system's output within a laboratory setting.

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