In-vehicle Prototyping
(Data record/ Replay)

Todays vehicles are incorporating a huge number of sensors to the intelligent vehicle network. This is done to enable “sensing”of the environment and to detect & evaluate if there are any dangerous or vulnerable objects nearby. Camera and Radar sensors are very popular as well as Ultrasonic and Lidar.

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Konrad Technologies ADAS AD Sensor Fusion Car driving

Advanced ADAS ECU Solutions for Handling Massive Sensor Data

To process and calculate all the inputs these sensors provide, the vehicle requires a new type of ECU (Electrical Control Unit) which is also called intelligent driving Controller, or short ADAS ECU.

Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Automotive suppliers (Tier 1s) are now facing the challenge of recording, storing and replaying Terabytes for real-world data perceived by various sensors.

In addition to this massive amount of data the architecture is complex, demanding highly customizable Record-Replay system with a nano-second level of synchronization to handle data simultaneously from multiple sensors. These systems are key to enable data-driven development and optimization for the future of autonomous driving.

Konrad Technologies ADAS ECU intelligent driving Controller
Konrad Technologies Prelabel Tool innovative recording and replay system

To solve all these challenges Konrad Technologies (KT) developed together with National Instruments (NI) an innovative recording and replay system based on PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) technology.

The use of the PXI hardware allows synchronisation of all acquired sensor data either by using an internal timing clock or from an external source such as GNSS. Working together with our global customer base we successfully integrated the data record systems into vehicles on the road and enabled our customers to record data from all the important sensors and ECUs.

Below we want to present to you the main components of such a system and if you are facing the same challenge to record sensor data, you are very welcome to contact us with your specific requirements, so that we can propose a suitable solution for your individual circumstances.


Konrad Technologies Pre-Label Tool (PLT) open software product customizable

User Interface

The Konrad Technologies (KT) Pre-Label Tool (PLT) is an open software product with a customizable user interface designed for collection and labeling of the environmental conditions during a test drive for a post event analysis.

Konrad Technologies ADAS Data Validation Solution Record Replay

Technology Platform
for Record & Replay

The KT ADAS Data Validation Solution offers users an efficient way to record and replay sensor and network data streams for ADAS/AD validation testing. The platform is compact, portable, and based on an industry-standard reconfigurable and modular PXI architecture for different sensor configurations and changing needs over time

Konrad Technologies Seagate Storage solution

Storage Solution

Data recording of various sensors and ECUs requires a huge amount of storage which also needs to be optimized for in-vehicle integration & storage.We are closely working with our partner Seagate and integrate their storage solutions into our turnkey solution.

Konrad Technologies Camulator Data Injection and Integration

Measurement Data

Data Acquisition is very important to record the information through all the automotive standard interfaces such as LVDS, CAN, Ethernet etc.

With PXI as our technology platform we can offer a huge variety of interfaces to capture all important data synchronously.

Konrad Technologies Engineering Service Turnkey Solution graphic

Engineering Service /
Turnkey Solution

In vehicle integration of the measurement equipment is a key factor to ensure success for a data recording system.

KT can offer a full integration concept collaborating closely together with our customer to ensure all their needs are met with high accuracy.

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