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The automotive industry is subject to constantly changing regulations and evolving customer expectations, creating a challenge for developing engineers. Our customers, OEMs, are often faced with a dilemma of whether to focus on introducing new features and meeting customer demands or on validating, improving, and ensuring the stability of the product. While new features are important to maintain a competitive edge, the validation process cannot be overlooked.

Ensuring that the product meets required quality standards and is stable and reliable is critical to avoiding potential safety issues and negative customer experiences. Therefore, a balance between introducing new features and ensuring product validation is essential for the long-term success of the product in the market.

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Konrad Technologies Automotive Product Validation Solutions

Partnering for Success: Custom Test Systems for Automotive Innovation

For over 30 years, Konrad Technologies has worked with a wide number and range of automotive customers to bring their product to market.We focus on a detailed requirement analysis to ensure all previous and new product features are covered in a single document and then design a bespoke test system and environment that will support our customers to cover all test needs during the validation stage.It is the strategic partnership between us, that ensures success with the final product and establishes true product leadership in the long term.

KT Automotive Product Validation

Below we want to present to you several reference projects for automotive product validation. If you are facing the same challenge to bring new automotive products to market, we welcome you to contact us with specific requirements, so that we can propose a suitable solution for your individual circumstances.

If you are still in early stage specification development and Proof-of-Concept studies, please visit our service offering page.


Konrad Technologies Sound Haptic Explorer

Konrad Sound & Haptic

The KT Sound & Haptics Explorer is a cost-effective standard solution for testing of haptic and acoustic properties of automotive interior parts, including headlight switches and turn indicator switches. The system enables OEMs and their customers to optimize their products for maximum operational comfort.

Konrad Technologies Haptics Universal Test System for Infotainment

Haptics Universal Test System for Infotainment

A standardized flexible haptic test system.

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Force measurement on the robot head

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Laser-guided test head positioning (+/- 30µm)

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Combined pick & place head

This system is versatile and can be used for infotainment buttons as well as touchscreen and touch pad validation. Standard use cases include:

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Prototype Development

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EOL Manufacturing

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Endurance Testing

Konrad Technologies Universal Test System for Automotive ECUs

Universal Test System for Automotive ECUs

This system is capable of testing various "Body Electronics" ECUs on a single platform. It is equipped with two independent drawer adapters (tandem adapters) and a corresponding fixture concept. The instrumentation is designed for automotive-typical performance requirements and is based on the standard measurement boards in a PXI-System. This universal test system, is a high-performance tester for various automotive ECUs.

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