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Infotainment Systems are part of all passenger vehicles manufactured today. They are used as a direct interface for the driver to the important vehicle features like temperature control, navigation, onboard-media systems, parking & driving assistance and many more.

The quality and design of vehicle infotainment systems are crucial because customers spend extended periods interacting with them while in their vehicles. Any issues with the system's functionality can lead to a negative perception of the brand. As a result, it is essential to ensure that the infotainment system operates smoothly and efficiently to maintain a positive brand image.

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Konrad Technologies ADAS AD Infotainment Production Test System

Redesign and Testing Challenges for Next-Generation Infotainment Systems

As new technologies, particularly electrification and autonomous driving, are rapidly integrated into vehicles, infotainment systems require substantial redesign, functionality updates and rigorous testing. These changes are necessary to ensure that the infotainment system remains compatible with the latest technologies and provides a seamless user experience while maintaining safety and reliability standards.

Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Automotive suppliers (Tier 1s) are now facing the challenge to produce and test all the infotainment systems at mass scale that will be deployed in newly produced cars all over the world.

Konrad Technologies ADAS AD Infotainment System User

To assist our global customers with these challenges we have invested major resources in a perfect mix of test know-how and manufacturing ability and made it part of our core business to build standardized equipmentfor infotainment production test. These include automated test equipment for vision, electrical, haptic, temperature and software testing.

Konrad Technologies Automotive Infotainment EOL

KT Infotainment EOL Test Expertise

Infotainment Expert

With over 20 years of experience in testing infotainment components and systems, KT is well-equipped with a diverse range of test technologies to effectively assess the next generation of infotainment systems. We possess the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that the latest infotainment systems meet the required quality and design standards while also addressing the challenges posed by emerging technologies.

Cross Functional Teams

Infotainment production test requires multiple technologies from different engineering backgrounds being combined and integrated. KT is a global company with a proven history of cross functional teamwork to complete complex projects.

Scope Definition Support

It can be challenging to define all requirements for the infotainment production test. With our experience we can assist in scoping the project and ensure it can meet expectations.


Infotainment production test systems are a unique and complex type of equipment, with heavy maintenance expenses. At KT, we can assist in utilizing as many standard components as possible, which are produced in-house to create a more sustainable system. By incorporating standard components, we can reduce the need for specialized parts and custom production, leading to lower production costs.


Konrad Technologies Round table Test Station for Heads up Display

Round table Test Station
for Heads up Display

For heads-up display production test we have developed a versatile, automated round table station based on NI LabVIEW and PXI, that covers:

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Complex calibration routines

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Extensive optical tests

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Electrical and functional tests

all within the same station and enables our customer to validate against the product test specification.

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