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Camera Systems follow a complex development path to ensure Optics (OPT), electronics, and software work seamlessly together and can cover the key specifications required by major vehicle manufacturers. Once the major development milestones are completed and the manufacturer is confident with the robustness of the product it is time to set up a production line, to bring the camera to market.

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Konrad Technologies Camera End-of-Line Tester

The Camera Assembly Process

A camera sensor consists of multiple key components which need to be integrated in an assembly line. The Assembly process for cameras is very complex, combining multiple high level manufacturing techniques in clean room environment to ensure high product quality after assembly.

Manufacturing techniques involve the use of ovens for high and low-temperature applications, as well as microscopic precision assembly and adjustment techniques such as active alignment, dispensing, parts loading and plasma treatment.

Konrad Technologies ADAS AD Camera System
Konrad Technologies Camera Assembly ADAS AD Car Interior

Our Involvement

Konrad technologies has been concentrating on developing camera assembly lines since 2005. Our initial camera lines were delivered to a major automotive camera manufacturer and are now present in millions of cars worldwide. We have since continued to focus on enhancing and deploying these systems globally every year as the demand for cameras has continued to increase.

The last decade has brought multiple disruptions to the automotive market. The rise of AI and thus the introduction of autonomous driving, as well as the trend towards electrification introducing EVs (Electric Vehicles) at scale to the market. All these changes meant more and more cameras needed to be developed and added to the vehicle. Konrad Technologies with its domain expertise in optics and electronics, as well as ADAS, machine learning, is actively participating and supporting our global partners and clients with technologies to meet these challenges successfully.

Our Expertise and Solutions

Working together with our global customer base we successfully integrated multiple camera assembly lines on manufacturing floors around the world and enabled our customers to assemble, align and efficiently produce cameras that are incorporated in many vehicles driving on the roads today.Typical Camera types manufactured with our systems:

Rear-View Camera (RVC)

Driver-Monitoring Camera (DMC)

Surround-View Camera (SVC)

Front-Facing ADAS Cameras (ADC)

Below we want to present to you our Camera Assembly Line Solutions and if you are facing the same challenge to produce complex camera systems, you are very welcome to contact us with your specific requirements, so that we can propose a suitable solution for your individual circumstances.

In case you are interested in Camera Validation Test Systems make sure to check out our V&V test area.

In case you are interested in Camera Production Test Systems make sure to check out our Camera EOL area.


Konrad Technologies Camera Assembly Line Solution

Camera Assembly Line

Key Processes:
Loading, Plasma, Cleaning, Dispensing, Adjustment, Active Alignment, Curing
Process to add: Optical Test, FFT (more on our camera EOL page)

Konrad Camera Assembly Line Solution Benefits:

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Modular Concept

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Extremely reduced footprint (size)

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High-speed lens alignment and assembly

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Flexibility through change kits

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Alignment Process highly repeatable

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