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RFQ - Test System Software

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Software tool especially designed for production process supervision.

The Leon OP is a software tool especially designed for production process supervision. Therefore, the application provides the following key features:

  • Execution of KT ICT sequences or NI TestStand sequences
  • Parallel, semi-parallel or sequential execution of test sequences, individually definable per Test Sequence
  • Customizable User Interface, simple or detailed test views, grid or board layout arrangement possibilities
  • Tracing into sequence execution
  • User management with different user levels and restrictions per user group
  • Displaying execution results and statistics by panel or nest
  • Supporting interaction with an automation (e.g.: handler system)
  • Supporting interaction with a process control / MES system
  • Integrated Callback structure to adopt to different workflows
  • Maintenance view for fast displaying of fails inside a board
  • Result History View to quickly access the last test results
  • Store execution results in result files with user defined format
  • Autostart-option for running application in automation mode without any operator interaction at all
  • Several abortion criteria to abort execution by fail count (consecutive or time based)
  • A Maintenance View for viewing testprobe locations on the DUT is available via ASTER QuadView
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