ECU Assembly

In order to improve Vehicle Connectivity the Automotive ECU is an important component in the automotive Industry. Thanks to our expertise in Assembly, Automation and Test we have developed a complete line concept for Automotive ECUs that can be scaled up according to customer production requirements.

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Konrad Technologies Automotive ECU Assembly
Konrad Technologies Automotive ECU Assembly Line


Konrad Technologies Automotive ECU Assembly Test Line

Automotive ECU Assembly & Test Line

Konrad Technologies developed a line concept and design, as well as the complete assembly and test line deployment for Automotive ECUs for a prominent Automotive Tier 1 Supplier. In the final stages of the project, we also conducted the full line assembly, test runs, and on site installation and run-in at the supplier's plant.

Key features of this line:

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Fully automated product assembly

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Testing and Flashing of up to 24 products as DUT (Device under Test) in parallel

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End customer for the assembled ECU is a global car manufacturer

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